The Mothership

Urban Decay is no ordinary beauty brand, and its headquarters in Newport Beach, California, reflect that unique spirit. Co-founder and CEO Wende Zomnir ('89) describes what makes the homebase – nicknamed "The Mothership" – unlike any other workplace:

"We make all the bathrooms really fun, because you're going to put in tile, a sink and a toilet anyway, so you might as well be creative with it. I think it's important that the space is creative and inspiring and filled with light. All of our bathrooms have a unique design theme, from a NY subway to an Alice in Wonderland mushroom forest.

People get to bring their dog to work if they want to, every day. If your dog is well-behaved and has its shots, then we let you bring it to work. So that's sort of how we approach the office. It should feel like a family and a comfortable place where you feel inspired. It's arty, but it's not museum-esque. My desk is often a hot mess.

I like evolving each new space. We have a new studio office – it's an amazing space where we can have meetings, and there's a glam room in the back for when I shoot videos, still shots, or have to go to an event. It has awesome lighted mirrors, all the makeup you could ever want, a hair wash station and a nail station. I end up having some of my best meetings back there when we're getting glammed up for an event. People will just come back and talk about whatever they want to talk about, and it's such a relaxed vibe back there. There are chairs for people to sit around and get their hair done and makeup done, get ready for their shoot and talk about the issues of the day at work, go through a launch plan or just talk about anything. It all seems to resolve itself there."

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