Mandy Griffith Q&A

Mandy Griffith ('98) (Photo by Gary Payne)Mandy Griffith, Dallas

Originally from:
Harbor City, Calif.

Degree in:
Political science with a minor in economics

Favorite place to go in Denton as a student:
I was a big fan of the Flying Tomato. I loved Mr. Chopsticks. Once I got old enough to legally drink, I loved to go to the Loophole on the Square.

How parents can keep their kids safe on the Internet:
One of the biggest things is just to sit down and have a conversation with your kids. When your child is on the Internet and talking to someone, it's no different than your child walking down the street and inviting a stranger into your home to have a conversation. The notion of being at home provides a false sense of security.

Advice for students today:
Hard work does pay off. There may be a tendency to think, "I'm sitting in this class. I'm tired. I've got finals to work on. I don't think this class matters." But, focusing on the big picture is as important as focusing on the little details. Remember, you're at a great university. That class might set you up for your dream career.

What people are surprised to learn about you:
My Texas friends who meet me for the first time would be surprised I was born and raised in California. I've been here half of my life, and I consider myself a dual citizen — Texi-Cali.

Favorite UNT memory:
I was involved in Alpha Phi Omega, a service organization. In anticipation of the 1998 election, Rock the Vote came to campus and was registering college kids. Regardless of their political affiliation, getting students registered was really cool and important.

Definition of success:
What makes your heart happy

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