Grants enable UNT kinesiology researchers to study topics that may help athletes

Three kinesiology researchers have received grants from the National Strength and Conditioning Association to study topics that may help athletes and fitness enthusiasts train more effectively.

Jakob Vingren, associate professor of kinesiology, is using a Young Investigator Grant to study how alcohol consumption affects physiological processes in the muscles' ability to recover from exercise.

Adam Venable, a biological sciences doctoral student, received a Doctoral Graduate Research Grant to examine the effectiveness of supplementation treatment with curcumin, a yellow substance in turmeric, after muscle-damaging bouts of resistance exercise.

Danielle Levitt, a biological sciences doctoral and kinesiology master's student, is using a Master's Graduate Research Grant to investigate how alcohol consumption affects women after strenuous resistance exercise. Levitt and Venable are research assistants in the kinesiology program.