Kim Wasson Q&A

Kim Wasson (Photo by Michael Clements)Kim Wasson (̓09)
Los Angeles, Calif.

Most challenging The Force Awakens scene:
Our team worked tirelessly to make challenging scenes such as the big planet destruction sequence look real. A group of 20 of us met every morning to make sure every single detail was moving forward. Watching that sequence makes me so proud of the amazing team we had.

Influence of the media arts program:
Working with other students for different film projects really helped me learn to be part of a team. Visual effects is a very team-driven field and requires strong communication skills, patience and collaboration. I loved seeing the other student films. You really learn a lot about your classmates from watching what they create.

Advice for students:
For those seeking a career in the entertainment industry, take advantage of any opportunity you get! The industry is tough to get into, but once you're in, everyone is so helpful. If you are specifically interested in visual effects, also study computer science or animation to learn the pipeline.

Keeping the top-secret plot secret:
We don't know everything that happens -- just the parts we're working on. There was never a time during the filming of The Force Awakens when I wanted to spill the beans. You feel special knowing what not everyone else knows.

Favorite scene from The Force Awakens:
Any scene with Rey, she is amazing. I loved watching her relationship with Kylo.

On being part of an Oscar-nominated team:
Very thrilling! I am so proud of our team.

Favorite places in Denton:
I loved the Tomato! I heard they recently rebuilt it, I'm planning to go visit it when I get back. I also loved going to the square when I spent hours strolling through the antique shops to find interesting things.

On pursuing her own career as a writer or director.
I always have stories that come up in my mind. Maybe one day.