Interactive campus map

UNT’s dramatic increase in physical space is providing state-of-the-art opportunities for students, faculty and the surrounding community. From the oldest building on campus to the latest facilities under construction, learn about new features and historical facts and see how the campus has grown and changed with our interactive campus map.

Click on a building featured in the "Power of Place" to see it's location on the campus map.

    •    Athletic Center
    •    Auditorium Building
    •    Business Leadership Building
    •    Chemistry Building
    •    Chestnut Hall
    •    Curry Hall
    •    Discovery Park
    •    Environmental Education, Science & Technology
    •    Football stadium
    •    Fraternity Row
    •    Honors Hall
    •    Hurley Administration Building
    •    Murchison Performing Arts Center
    •    Pohl Recreation Center
    •    Rafes Urban Astronomy Center
    •    Sorority Row
    •    University Union
    •    Coliseum
    •    Gateway Center
    •    Marquis Hall
    •    Eagle Student Services Center
    •    Power Plant
    •    Willis Library
    •    Life Sciences Building