Early honors

The original University Honors Program ("Honors College," spring 2012) accepted its first students in 1971. It was a program built on interdisciplinary seminars and the recruitment of top teachers as the instructors. The program began with 50 students but quickly grew to more than 400.
Dr. Clovis Morrisson in political science (pictured) served as the founding director through the first graduating class and was succeeded by Dr. Tony Damico in foreign languages and literatures for several years. That program began to change when it lost support for the system of "borrowing" faculty members in exchange for a one-course reduction in their departments. The program was reconstituted in 1994, but the early program deserves a nod.
Charldean Newell
(’60, ’62 M.A.),
Professor Emerita of public administration
Editor’s note: Thank you for pointing out the earlier program. Honors College Dean Gloria Cox says the college is "built on the shoulders of giants" whom she counts as personal friends as well as friends of Honors and UNT. "I hope all will be delighted to know that Dr. Morrisson is a member of the Honors College Development Board and that he and I talk from time to time," she says. "It is wonderful to reminisce about the past program and to talk about ideas for the future."

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