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Bill Lively (’70 M.M.Ed.)

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NFL experience:
For 23 years, my avocation was the Dallas Cowboys and the National Football League. For 14 years, I worked with Tom Landry and Tex Schramm as the founding director of the Dallas Cowboys Band. For nine years, I worked with Jerry Jones as executive entertainment producer for Cowboys game day entertainment.
Music I’m listening to:
Aaron Copland’s Lincoln Portrait and Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony
What people would be surprised to know about me:
For more than 50 years, I have been an avid mountain climber, climbing mountains ranging from Africa’s Kilimanjaro to Wyoming’s Grand Teton.
Advice I’d give a new student:
Invest your time wisely at UNT.
What I look forward to most about the Super Bowl:
Experiencing its legacy, which I believe will be a unified region that understands the power of cooperation and collaboration.
What I look forward to most when the Super Bowl is over:
Embracing my next assignment and climbing more mountains. 

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