Melanie Martin

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MELANIE MARTIN (M.J.), Frisco, is a freelance writer, editor and tutor who edited Streams of Tears: The Heartache of Divorce, written by her father, John D. Martin (’66 Ed.D.). She co-wrote Whiskers, the Black and White Mouse — At the Zoo with her student, Jessica Jin, and edited a young adult Christian novel, A Friend I Didn’t Know by Harel R. Lawrence. She is writing two children's books to be published in early 2021. She previously worked for EDS/HP, Bank of America, McAfee, PepsiCo, Advantix, Chase Bank, Dun and Bradstreet, and Voya Financial. At UNT, she was a member of the Baptist Student Ministries, NT Daily Headline Writing Lab and a graduate student assistant/teacher. One of her favorite memories from the Tennessee native was when she was dressed for winter in 75-degree February. “My friend said with a grin, ‘If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait a minute and it will change!’ Boy, was he right! Hence, my new pleasure: tanning by the pool in early spring!”