Frazier Alexander

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Frazier Alexander, Denton, wrote the fantasy novel, The Lost King, about the children of a vanished king who embark on a quest to find their father. Frazier, who began writing around the age of 9, also is an amateur calligrapher, mapmaker and artist. He works as a customer service representative for the Toulouse Graduate School. While he studied at UNT, he was an Eagle Ambassador whose training program in 2014 led him to meet his wife Nicole Harberson (’16). “My favorite memory is of the first time we ever talked with each other,” he says. “We were walking through campus with the other Eagle Ambassadors during our summer training. There was a snow cone stand set up, so naturally we all stopped to get snow cones — except for Nicole and I. We stepped off to the side and just started talking. I knew at once that she was the girl I was meant to marry.”