Dennis Gaylor

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Book cover for "Growing a Student Movement"Dennis Gaylor, Battlefield, Missouri, has written the book Growing a Student Movement, The Development of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, 1940-2020, about Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, the Assemblies of God Christian student organization on state colleges and universities. Dennis served as national director for the organization from 1972 to 2013. The organization boasts 300 chapters around the nation, including one at UNT -- although Dennis didn’t know about the organization at the time.

Dennis was an education major who was married and lived in Dallas with a part-time job when he attended North Texas. “I did drive a bus from Dallas to Denton exclusively for UNT students, picking them up at stops along Highway 75 and then crossed over north Dallas freeways to dead end to Denton and UNT,” he says. “Then I would park the bus and go to classes. After class, students were ready to head back to Dallas, and of course I got paid and had transportation to college while I attended UNT.”