Bri Smocks

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Photo of Bri SmocksBri Smocks (M.Ed.), Long Beach, California, is the co-owner and editor-in-chief of Levi & Toonk LLC, which publishes a biographical board book series chronicling the developmental experiences and milestones of an African American toddler as he grows into a young man, based on Bri’s son. Her mother, Nakia Montgomery, is her business partner and the author of the series. The duo caters to gifted children of color to provide a resource appealing to the intelligence, innocence and unique cultural perspective of this demographic, which is often neglected. Bri also is involved in her community and formed The Equity Collective with a group of friends to promote intersectional environmentalism and educate others on how climate disruption targets the most vulnerable populations. She also is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, serving those in need.