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Weather facts

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Weather facts

Feb. 4-12, 1899 — Many all-time record-low temperatures were set the week of the worst cold wave in the history of Texas. The temperature dropped to 8 degrees below zero in Denton and Fort Worth, an all-time low. The low temperature of 23 degrees below zero in Tulia tied the all-time coldest temperature for the state of Texas.

Jan. 31, 1911 — The high temperature in Fort Worth reached 93 degrees, which set a record for the month of January. A record low of 2 degrees below zero on Jan. 31, 1949, makes Jan. 31 the day with the most extreme high/low temperatures in the area.

March 9, 1911 — Temperatures reached 100 degrees on the hottest winter day recorded in Denton.

Feb. 27, 1939 — Winds gusting to 61 mph caused a dust storm across the area.

March 3, 1943 — The low temperature at Fort Worth was 10 degrees, a record for the month of March.

Feb. 27, 1948 — An F1 tornado hit Denton County.

Jan. 30-31, 1950 — An ice storm hit North Texas with accumulations of ice up to 5 inches thick.

Feb. 14, 1951 — 8 inches of snow fell in Denton, with 2-4 inches across the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Feb. 10, 1954 — A record-high temperature of 85 degrees was followed by an afternoon dust storm.

Dec. 31, 1960 — An Arctic front dropped temperatures across the Dallas-Fort Worth area more than 60 degrees in less than 24 hours, a record temperature swing during a 24-hour period.

Jan. 19, 1979 — A severe thunderstorm moved across the area, producing winds up to 69 mph, flash flooding and golf ball size hail.

Dec. 25, 1983 — The temperature hit 6 degrees on the coldest Christmas Day at DFW airport.

Sources: National Weather Service, Weather Underground




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