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Behind the Scenes


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The tradition of the Homecoming bonfire continues as members of the Talons build the stack at the Eagle Point Campus in October. Photos by Li Fan

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Early in the week, Talons members, from left, Casey McRoy, Shea Rodgers and Mark Medley work on building the stack used for the bonfire. The structure is made from surplus palettes donated by a local business.



Talons members sleep in tents during the week of the bonfire. From left, Kit Young, Pamela Hogan, Talons president Rosa Juarez and Tanya Quiroz participate in an executive board meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 20.



Talon Lauren Lee melts wax on Wednesday, Oct. 20, that will be used to light torches.



Talons alumni, from left, Heather Farino Martin ('00), Emmitt Jackson ('01) and Jeremy Martin ('01) return to campus on Thursday, Oct. 21. Talons alumni are traditionally invited to the site the night before the bonfire.



From left, Talons David Gilmore and Shea Rodgers work atop the stack on Thursday, Oct. 21. Local safety officials check on the build several times daily.



Michael Fedewa and Ben Taylor from West Hall join the Spirit March to the bonfire site Friday, Oct. 22.



Lauren Lee prepares to light the bonfire on Friday, Oct. 22. Lee was one of 23 Talons selected as torch bearers, based on the amount of time they spent building the stack.



Students from residence halls and organizations participate in the "Yell Like Hell" competition.



The bonfire is ablaze shortly after its lighting at 8:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 22. A pond separates viewers from the burning structure.



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