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Eagles on the Go, Three members of the UNT family are doing some soarig of their own in the fields of sled dog racing, kart racing and ultramarathons. By Rafael McDonnell
Summer 2006      


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Eagles on the Go

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Iditarod photos

Stumpy (one of the lead dogs in the Iditarod) gets a kiss at the start of the Klondike 300 race in January.


The Klondike 300, run Jan. 21, was a 300-mile qualifying race for the Iditarod.


Pelly’s ready for the ceremonial start of the Iditarod in downtown Anchorage. The booties help protect the dogs’ feet over the long miles of trail.


Zig-Zag’s harness gets an adjustment.


Holly begs for — and gets — a tummy rub.


Randy visits with leaders Stumpy and Attila.


Booties go on Holly while Fatty cuddles at the Rainy Pass checkpoint.


(photos by Kim Cummins)

Randy’s truck sports good luck wishes from supporters.


Pelly and Zig-Zag wait for their adventure to begin.

Randy leaves Willow as the race officially gets under way.

(photos by Dan Reeder)

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