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Information about the deaths of the following alumni was received in the Office of Development. Please send information to University of North Texas, Alumni Records, P.O. Box 311250, Denton, Texas 76203-1250, fax to (940) 565-4519, send e-mail to or fill out the online form.

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Hazel Rice Malone ('27)
William Hubert Brock ('28)



Ruby M. Spencer ('30)
Lee Edwin Simpson ('32, '38 M.Ed.)
Leslie L. Browning ('33)

W. Lamar Fly ('33)
Mary Winifred Allen Goldston ('33)
Manuel 'Mister Mac' McCarroll ('33 B.A., '41 M.S.)
Lillian Wade Cromwell ('35)

Louis Bentley Jones
('36, '40 M.S.)
Frances Elizabeth Norton ('36, '55 M.Ed.)
Mary Wanda Harp ('37)
Theatus Johnston LeMay ('37)
Sidney 'Sid' E. Pass ('38)
Viola Leona Matthews Peterson ('39, '58 M.Ed.)


Mamie George Couger Beaver ('40 M.S.)
Lawrence D. McCallum ('40)
Alice Ross Scogin ('40)
Princess Ruth Martin ('41, '42 M.A.)
Ellen Ruth Colwell Nussbaum ('41)
Edwin H. Patterson ('41)
Eugene B. Wilshire ('41)

Dorris C.G. Blancheri ('42)
William C. 'Bill' Bass ('43)
Pearl Ebensberger ('43)
Florine Cox Forbes ('44)
Lillie Mae Shaunfield ('45)
Wilson E. Blurton ('47, '51 M.Ed.)
Letha Fern Tunnell Hearn ('47, '51 M.Ed.)
Aubrey A. Jacobs Jr. ('47)
Glen W. Chapman ('48)
Charles Lee Hill ('48 M.M.)
Henry William Johnson ('48)
Raoul Richardson ('48)
William Harry Spidell ('48, '50 M.S.)
John Arett McMichen ('49 M.S.)
Frances King Monk ('49)



Robert Lee Allen ('50)
James A. Henderson ('50)
ElWanda Nall
Arlene R. Shipp ('50)
Gerald Raymond Stockard ('50)
William 'Bill' Tucker Jr. ('50)
Kenneth D. Young ('50, '54 M.Ed.)
Jack A. Gray Jr. ('51, '55 M.A.)
Joe Don Little ('51 M.A.)
Carolyn Cawley Silvernale ('51, '52 M.A.)
Joe P. Wallace ('51)
Laura L. Kirk Anderson ('52)
George A. Benz ('53, '55 M.S.)
Charles Ray Daniel ('53)
Wesley David Spencer ('53)
Harlan Dan Vander Zee ('53)
Joe D. York ('53)
Daisy Alene Van Meter ('54)
James Ammon Petty ('55)
Ray Alvin Wright ('55 M.M.Ed.)
Homer Louis Beckham ('56)
Timothy R. O'Keefe ('56)
William A. 'Dub' Brown ('57)
William Lee Abbe
Billy D. Lackey ('58)
Pattye Watkins ('58, '65 M.Ed.)
Janice Joy Davis ('59)
Andrew D. Dierlam ('59)
Vodie Lee Jones Fulton ('59)
David Mobley ('59)
Grace Lealma Oliphant ('59)



Larry Dean Allred ('60)
Evelyn W. Isbell ('60, '75 M.Ed.)
Ramon H. Tanguma ('60)
Jimmy Don Freeman ('61, '66 M.Ed.)
Donald Garland Lynch ('61)
Huey Eddie 'Ed' McBride ('61, '66 M.Ed.)
Cecilia 'Cela' Blakely Merritt ('61)
Paul W. Renick ('61)
Haskell L. 'Skip' Spillers Jr. ('61)
Neoma Pippen Arney ('62)
William M. Green ('62, '66 M.Ed.)
Barbara J. McKeown Lombardi ('62, '70 M.Ed.)
Don Pugh ('62)
William 'Bill' F. Roberg ('62 M.S.)
Thomas H. Watkins ('62 M.S.)
Carole Joe Machart ('63)
J.B. Stuart ('63)
Callie Wynne Bragg ('65 M.Ed.)
Bill D. Neal ('65)
Edward B. Turner ('65)
William Mikel Williams ('65)
Dave Kenton Jackson ('66)
Jeanne Cannon Leslie ('66)
Richard Russell 'Rusty' Harrison ('67)
Doyne McIver ('67 M.S.)
Tennie Criddle Chimney ('68 M.Ed.)
Paul Hodson Sanderson ('68)
Webb H. Holbert Jr. ('69)
Wilburn Ace O'Rear ('69)
Louise Ingold Swanteson ('69 M.L.S.)



Kenneth Ray Ard ('70, '76 M.Ed.)
Landy Loren Mulkey ('70)
Betty Louise Wright Beaty ('71 M.Ed.)
Deborah 'Debbie' Sue Jackson Cox ('71)
Ronald P. Anson ('72 M.M.)
Donald A. Aronofsky ('72)
Aaron Day Sr. ('72 M.S.)
Ronald C. Helvie Jr. ('72)
Michael D. Reesing ('72)
Nolan Allan Terrill ('72)
Edwin M. Wood Jr. ('72 M.B.A.)
Shery Ann Donaldson Gilbert ('73)
John Marshall Coppage ('74)
Judith Ann Metcalf ('74, '77 M.L.S.)
Travis Brooks Linn ('75)
Terry Smith Weathersby ('75)
Forrest Ware Harlow Jr. ('76 Ph.D.)
Jerry Russell Swindell ('77)
Kenneth A. Klotz ('78 M.B.A.)
Patrick Dale McDaniel ('78 M.S.)
Dennis Keith Davis ('79)
Enoch Broyles ('79)
Robert W. Burns ('79)


Lola Elizabeth Nixon ('80)
Jerry Baber ('81)
William Samuel Aston Jr. ('84 Ph.D.)
Betty June Stapleton ('84 M.Ed.)
Louis Haynes ('86)
Deric Doniv Marshall ('88)
Gregory 'Kalidas' A. Moring-Ryan ('88)



Jennifer Paige Lovette Bailey ('94)
Brian Lively ('96)
Timothy Robert Wiseman ('96 M.S.)
Nathan B. Carver ('97)

University Community

Jack A. Dobbs
Helen Ann Williams Hanicak ('60, '67 M.A., '76 Ph.D.)
A. Kathleen Helvenston ('50 M.S.)
Marguerite Jost
Rowe Morgan Meador ('38, '51 M.B.A.)
Bob Nunley

Allen Laws Oliver III
Richard M. Owsley
Walton Henry Sharp



1920s [ top ]

  • Hazel Rice Malone ('27), Denison. She was retired from Fant Milling and Munson Realty, where she'd worked as a secretary.
  • William Hubert Brock ('28), Kerrville. He received his degree from North Texas in chemistry.

1930s [ top ]

  • Ruby M. Spencer ('30), Leesburg. She was a teacher and had lived in the Pittsburg area most of her life.
  • Lee Edwin Simpson ('32, '38 M.Ed.), Portland, Ore. He studied industrial arts and physical education at North Texas.
  • Leslie L. Browning ('33), Sanger. He coached in several high schools in Texas, including Tomball, Saint Jo and Sanger. He served in the Air Force during World War II as a staff sergeant.
  • W. Lamar Fly ('33), Victoria. He was the first president of Hill Junior College in Hillsboro and Kishwaukee College in Malta, Ill. He was also a pilot, a writer and a public speaker.
  • Mary Winifred Allen Goldston ('33), Corpus Christi. She studied chemistry at North Texas.
  • Manuel ‘Mister Mac' McCarroll ('33 B.A., '41 M.S.), Decatur. During World War II, he served in the Army-Air Force Training Command. He later coached basketball at Slidell and Decatur and was a principal and superintendent.
  • Lillian Wade Cromwell ('35), Stamford. She helped organize the Hospital Auxiliary, known as the Pink Ladies, in Stamford. She also helped organize a Head Start Program there for preschool children.
  • Louis Bentley Jones ('36, '40 M.S.), Mesa, Ariz. He was a coach, teacher and elementary school principal before enlisting in the Air Force in 1942. During World War II, he was chief crypto officer in the Aleutian Islands and later served in Belleville, Ill., and Kansas City, Mo.
  • Frances Elizabeth Norton ('36, '55 M.Ed.), Allen. She taught for 43 years, first in Renner and then for the Allen ISD. Allen's Norton Elementary School was named in her honor.
  • Mary Wanda Harp ('37), Luling. She was a home economics major at North Texas.
  • Theatus Johnston LeMay ('37), Lewisville. She taught school for 38 years in Coleman and Longworth, retiring in 1973. She moved to Lewisville in 1990.
  • Sidney ‘Sid' E. Pass ('38), Abilene. He taught and was an administrator in the Abilene ISD until his retirement in 1948. He then began a second career in the insurance business.
  • Viola Leona Matthews Peterson ('39, '58 M.Ed.), Fort Worth. She was a third-grade teacher for the Fort Worth ISD and also taught in the Roanoke and Haslett districts before retiring after 33 years of service.

1940s [ top ]

  • Mamie George Couger Beaver ('40 M.S.), Mineral Wells. She was a longtime fourth-grade schoolteacher in Azle.
  • Lawrence D. McCallum ('40), Bonham. He was retired from the Dallas regional post office.
  • Alice Ross Scogin ('40), Houston. She worked as a chemist with Hughes Tool Co. during World War II. She later served as a Republican precinct chair and earned her real estate license.
  • Princess Ruth Martin ('41, '42 M.A.), Dallas. She taught English at schools in the Dallas area. She also served as an educational counselor for Darnall Associates.
  • Ellen Ruth Colwell Nussbaum ('41), Amarillo. She studied business administration at North Texas.
  • Edwin H. Patterson ('41), Conroe. He earned his degree from North Texas in music education.
  • Eugene B. Wilshire ('41), Bonham. He majored in English at North Texas.
  • Dorris C.G. Blancheri ('42), Pensacola, Fla. She taught mathematics at various levels for 25 years.
  • William C. ‘Bill' Bass ('43), Whitesboro. In the Navy during World War II, he commanded a landing craft at the invasion of Normandy. In 1960, he joined his father in opening Bass Department Store in Whitesboro and later worked at stores in Gainesville.
  • Pearl Ebensberger ('43), Van Alstyne. She was a home economics major at North Texas.
  • Florine Cox Forbes ('44), Amarillo. She taught school for 40 years and worked for the Region 16 Educational Service Center until retiring in 1993.
  • Lillie Mae Shaunfield ('45), Monahans. She taught school in Perry, Doss Ranch and Andrews and for 29 years in Denver City.
  • Wilson E. Blurton ('47, '51 M.Ed.), Sherman. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps during World War II, serving in the Philippines and New Guinea. He later taught, coached football and was a principal and assistant principal in Midland.
  • Letha Fern Tunnell Hearn ('47, '51 M.Ed.), Fort Worth. She taught speech therapy before devoting herself full time to raising her five children. She was a member of the Tunnell Sisters Quartet and performed gospel music a cappella throughout East Texas.
  • Aubrey A. Jacobs Jr. ('47), Duncanville. He studied industrial arts education at North Texas.
  • Glen W. Chapman ('48), Cypress. His major was general business at North Texas.
  • Charles Lee Hill ('48 M.M.), Houston. He served in the Army during World War II. His 49 years as an educator included positions as a high school band director, vocal music director and librarian. He also composed and arranged music for concert bands.
  • Henry William Johnson ('48), Nocona. He served in the Army in the South Pacific during World War II. He was a teacher and basketball coach at Spanish Fort and later served as superintendent for Prairie Valley School and for Montague County.
  • Raoul Richardson ('48), Dallas. He was a former partner of B&R Tax Service.
  • William Harry Spidell ('48, '50 M.S.), Pearland. He received his degrees from North Texas in mathematics.
  • John Arett McMichen ('49 M.S.), Cuero. He served in the Army and taught school for 37 years, serving as band director in Huntsville, Lampasas and Kountze and teaching English in Cuero.
  • Frances King Monk ('49), Port Neches. The mayor of Port Neches, she had served on the city council since 1981. She worked as a classroom teacher and library media director for the Port Neches-Groves ISD for 32 years.

1950s [ top ]

  • Robert Lee Allen ('50), Hot Springs, Ark. He earned his bachelor's degree in political science from North Texas.
  • James A. Henderson ('50), Abilene. He studied economics at North Texas.
  • ElWanda Nall ('50), Snyder. She taught school in Snyder from 1950 until retiring in 1991.
  • Arlene R. Shipp ('50), Walnut Springs. Her major was home economics at North Texas.
  • Gerald Raymond Stockard ('50), Weatherford. He was the director of the math and science department at Weatherford Junior College before retiring in 1981. He taught physics, math and drafting classes for 35 years.
  • William ‘Bill' Tucker Jr. ('50), Longview. He began his interior design career with McWilliams in Longview and later founded Tucker Interiors, which he headed until his retirement.
  • Kenneth D. Young ('50, '54 M.Ed.), San Antonio. He worked in the Texas public schools for 38 years as a teacher, coach, principal, athletics director and assistant superintendent.
  • Jack A. Gray Jr. ('51, '55 M.A.), Denton. He was founder and president of Global Children Inc. and Kids for Christ International and creator of the Bible Bowl.
  • Joe Don Little ('51 M.A.), Gainesville. He served in the Coast Guard during World War II. He later taught English and was an assistant principal at Robert E. Lee High School in Grand Prairie for 21 years.
  • Carolyn Cawley Silvernale ('51, '52 M.A.), Denton. She taught speech at area colleges and a history of costumes course at North Texas. She was an owner of the Southwest Textile Laboratory and the Sample Boutique.
  • Joe P. Wallace ('51), Howe. He served in the Army during the Korean War and for 30 years served as president or chief executive officer for several banks.
  • Laura L. Kirk Anderson ('52), Denton. She received her degree from North Texas in general business.
  • George A. Benz ('53, '55 M.S.), San Antonio. He was a professor of economics at St. Mary's University in San Antonio. He served in the Army with the 11th Airborne Division during World War II.
  • Charles Ray Daniel ('53), Longview. He earned his degree in general business at North Texas.
  • Wesley David Spencer ('53), Cleburne. He taught art in the Dallas public schools for 36 years and then substitute taught in the district's special education program.
  • Harlan Dan Vander Zee ('53), San Antonio. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and worked as a banker.
  • Joe D. York ('53), Corsicana. He served in the Air Force for 24 years, logging more than 9,000 flying hours and retiring as a lieutenant colonel. He then followed his father into the family business, Joe York Furniture Co., in Corsicana.
  • Daisy Alene Van Meter ('54), Rhome. She taught at Northwest High School before retiring. She was also founder and past president of the Rhome Library.
  • James Ammon Petty ('55), Clyde. He maintained a private piano studio in Abilene for more than 40 years and traveled extensively, judging piano competitions.
  • Ray Alvin Wright ('55 M.M.Ed.), Searcy, Ark. He was an educator at Harding University in Arkansas.
  • Homer Louis Beckham ('56), Texarkana. His Marine battalion was involved in the campaign at the Chosin Reservoir in the Korean War. He later worked for Williams and Davis Boiler Co. in Wilmer for many years.
  • Timothy R. O'Keefe ('56), Lampasas. He was a retired Navy captain. His 31-year military career included service in Hawaii and Australia and at the Pentagon.
  • William A. ‘Dub' Brown ('57), Port Arthur. He worked for several newspapers and was editor of the Port Arthur News before retiring. He was also a member of the Port Arthur City Council.
  • William Lee Abbe ('57), Denton. He retired in 1990 after 33 years with Moore Business Forms. He served in the Navy aboard the U.S.S. Antietam and the U.S.S. Philippine Sea during the Korean War.
  • Billy D. Lackey ('58), Albuquerque, N.M. He worked as the controller at the Public Service Co. of New Mexico and volunteered as treasurer for several non-profit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity.
  • Pattye Watkins ('58, '65 M.Ed.), Arlington. She received her degrees in education at North Texas.
  • Janice Joy Davis ('59), Dallas. She worked in the oil and gas business for SEDCO, Eagle Production and Drilling, Triton and Tennison Oil. She helped SEDCO's retirees keep in touch after the company closed.
  • Andrew D. Dierlam ('59), Plano. He was a Desert Storm veteran and retired from the Navy after 30 years of service. He also worked for Aetna Life and Casualty Co.
  • Vodie Lee Jones Fulton ('59), Denton. She taught at Pilot Point, Aubrey and Carrollton before retiring in 1978. She and her husband helped found Asbury United Methodist Church.
  • David Mobley ('59), Kilgore. He was an Army veteran and managed Mobley Interests, a group of industrial service companies headquartered in Kilgore.
  • Grace Lealma Oliphant ('59), Dallas. She taught for the Dallas ISD for 20 years before retiring in 1979.

1960s [ top ]

  • Larry Dean Allred ('60), Stillwater, Okla. He received a degree in history from North Texas.
  • Evelyn W. Isbell ('60, '75 M.Ed.), Dallas. She was a teacher and librarian, serving at Benito Juarez Elementary School, Mark Twain Elementary School and Harry Stone Middle School in Dallas before retiring in 1983.
  • Ramon H. Tanguma ('60), San Diego. Prior to serving as city administrator in San Diego, he was an English teacher, principal and superintendent for the Benavides and San Diego school districts.
  • Jimmy Don Freeman ('61, '66 M.Ed.), Saint Jo. He taught in Forestburg, was a teacher and superintendent at Saint Jo and was the superintendent at Giddings State School.
  • Donald Garland Lynch ('61), Gainesville. He served in the Army during the Korean War and worked for Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Co. before joining Cooke County Community College as head of the mid-management program.
  • Huey Eddie ‘Ed' McBride ('61, '66 M.Ed.), Dallas. He taught school in Dallas before entering the insurance business and managing several companies. He returned to education as the director of the GED Labs for the Dallas County Adult Probation Department.
  • Cecilia ‘Cela' Blakely Merritt ('61), Naples. She was employed by Paul H. Pewitt High School as secretary and worked in the administration office until she retired in 2000.
  • Paul W. Renick ('61), Fort Worth. He was an Army veteran and taught at Iowa State University where he also served as the university's organist. He later was choir director and organist for several Fort Worth churches.
  • Haskell L. ‘Skip' Spillers Jr. ('61), DeSoto. He was a director of the alumni association for Adamson High School. He served as music director at several Dallas churches and at First Presbyterian Church in Grand Prairie.
  • Neoma Pippen Arney ('62), Sherman. She was an elementary school teacher for more than 15 years in the Denison ISD before she retired and moved to East Texas.
  • William M. Green ('62, '66 M.Ed.), Denton. He received his degrees from North Texas in education.
  • Barbara J. McKeown Lombardi ('62, '70 M.Ed.), Weatherford. She studied education at North Texas.
  • Don Pugh ('62), Denton. He was a retired vice president of data processing at Medical Laboratories. An Air Force veteran, he was a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.
  • William ‘Bill' F. Roberg ('62 M.S.), Muenster. His 36-year career as an educator included work as a coach, teacher and principal in the Gainesville ISD.
  • Thomas H. Watkins ('62 M.S.), Fort Worth. He was a coach, teacher and assistant principal, serving in junior high schools in Denver, Colo., Richland and Watauga and at Haltom High School.
  • Carole Joe Machart ('63), Spring. She earned her degree from North Texas in elementary education.
  • J.B. Stuart ('63), Bedford. He earned a business degree from North Texas and was employed by the JaGee Corp. as comptroller.
  • Callie Wynne Bragg ('65 M.Ed.), Dallas. For more than 30 years she taught elementary school in Dallas and, after retiring, founded an advisory board at a community center in West Dallas to help make the neighborhood drug free. She was also founder and chair of the Mary Allen Museum of African-American Art and History in Crockett.
  • Bill D. Neal ('65), Fort Worth. He served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War and worked as a personnel director for Stripling's Department Store in the 1970s. In 2002 he retired from Lockheed Martin as a retirement specialist.
  • Edward B. Turner ('65), Temple. He served in the Air Force, taught on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Kayenta, Ariz., and taught for 26 years in Killeen. He also was a justice of the peace in Killeen and a municipal judge in Rosebud. He owned and operated the Temple Detective Agency.
  • William Mikel Williams ('65), Cañon City, Colo. He served in the Peace Corps and the Army before completing his degree in industrial arts education. For 29 years he was a teacher and coach in Nevada. He opened his own art gallery in Cañon City in August 2002.
  • Dave Kenton Jackson ('66), Fort Worth. He was employed by the Texas Department of Health and had worked in emergency medical services since he was 18.
  • Jeanne Cannon Leslie ('66), Boerne. She was a longtime resident of Richardson, where she was a first-grade teacher. She had lived in Boerne for the past nine years.
  • Richard Russell ‘Rusty' Harrison ('67), Mineral Wells. He earned his degree from North Texas in marketing.
  • Doyne McIver ('67 M.S.), San Angelo. He was a math teacher and football coach in Mansfield and Mesquite, taking Mesquite to the state finals in 1974. He was a principal in Wall until he retired to pursue interests in the oilfield business.
  • Tennie Criddle Chimney ('68 M.Ed.), Corsicana. She worked as an elementary schoolteacher in Lufkin and Corsicana and as a principal in the Wilmer-Hutchins ISD. She finished her teaching career at the Lifeline Academy Charter School.
  • Paul Hodson Sanderson ('68), Lewisville. He received his degree in art.
  • Webb H. Holbert Jr. ('69), Fort Worth. He earned a degree in general business from North Texas.
  • Wilburn Ace O'Rear ('69), Garland. He built and remodeled homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for more than 30 years.
  • Louise Ingold Swanteson ('69 M.L.S.), Canton. She worked as a librarian for the Dallas Public Library for 15 years.

1970s [ top ]

  • Kenneth Ray Ard ('70, '76 M.Ed.), Decatur. An Army veteran, he served in the 101st Airborne Division. He was a biology teacher and football coach at several schools, including Wylie High School, which he led to a state championship in 1977, and Decatur High School. He retired in 2001.
  • Landy Loren Mulkey ('70), Denton. He was owner and operator of the Photo Place and an active member of the Denton Community Band.
  • Betty Louise Wright Beaty ('71 M.Ed.), Irving. She coached basketball and tennis for 20 years in the Longview, Waco and Bastrop school districts. She taught distributive education in Irving and was named outstanding D.E. Teacher in Texas in 1976.
  • Deborah ‘Debbie' Sue Jackson Cox ('71), Arlington. She taught first and third grades at Delaney Primary School in Kennedale and in 1999 was named Teacher of the Year.
  • Ronald P. Anson ('72 M.M.), Fayette, Mo. He earned his degree from North Texas in music education.
  • Donald A. Aronofsky ('72), Denver, Colo. For the past 25 years, he had worked at Interface company sites worldwide.
  • Aaron Day Sr. ('72 M.S.), Dallas. He taught in Dallas schools for 16 years before becoming vice principal at Irving High School. He was also a minister at the Cliff View Church of Christ for 20 years.
  • Ronald C. Helvie Jr. ('72), Las Vegas, Nev. He was president, CEO and chair of the Las Vegas Federal Credit Union.
  • Michael D. Reesing ('72), Waco. He received his degree in general business from North Texas.
  • Nolan Allan Terrill ('72), Irving. He was a life member of the Irving Jaycees and president of the Texas JCI Senate. He also was president of the Texas Association of Psychological Associates and the North American Association of Masters in Psychology.
  • Edwin M. Wood Jr. ('72 M.B.A.), Naperville, Ill. He was director of pricing for the U.S. Can Company and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
  • Shery Ann Donaldson Gilbert ('73), Houston. She taught music education at elementary schools in Crenshaw, Miss., and in the Branch, Alief and Klein ISDs. She received a Teacher of the Year award in 1989.
  • John Marshall Coppage ('74), St. Joseph, Minn. He studied industrial arts at North Texas.
  • Judith Ann Metcalf ('74, '77 M.L.S.), Dallas. She was a reference editor for the Dallas Morning News, overseeing its transition to a digital archive. After retiring from the newspaper in 1996, she did research for the Arlington Morning News and worked in a legal library.
  • Travis Brooks Linn ('75), Reno, Nev. He was the news director for WFAA-TV and Radio in Dallas before becoming Southwest bureau chief for CBS News in the 1970s. He was the first dean of the University of Nevada-Reno's School of Journalism and taught journalism and new media studies there.
  • Terry Smith Weathersby ('75), Lubbock. She received her degree from North Texas in elementary education.
  • Forrest Ware Harlow Jr. ('76 Ph.D.), San Angelo. He was a faculty member at Texas A&M-Commerce for 13 years and at Angelo State University for 19 years. He held the Nathan and Sylvia Donsky Business Professorship from the time it was created until his death.
  • Jerry Russell Swindell ('77), Boyd. He served as a minister in several Primitive Baptist churches in Texas and Oklahoma. He retired from the Air Force in 1973 after 20 years of service.
  • Kenneth A. Klotz ('78 M.B.A.), Abilene. He earned his North Texas degree in management.
  • Patrick Dale McDaniel ('78 M.S.), Denton. He was a driver for the Denton ISD's special needs program.
  • Dennis Keith Davis ('79), Fort Worth. He earned a business degree at North Texas and was a regional manager for Pizza Inn.
  • Enoch Broyles ('79), Denton. He retired as a full colonel in 1971 from the Air Force after a 31-year career. He earned his degree from North Texas at the age of 60 and worked for the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 1980.
  • Robert W. Burns ('79), Lindale. He studied industrial arts education at North Texas.

1980s [ top ]

  • Lola Elizabeth Nixon ('80), Longview. She received her degree in sociology from North Texas. Her friends say she will be remembered most for her smile and laugh.
  • Jerry Baber ('81), Stafford. He was a teacher at Kempner High School and the artistic director for the Playhouse 90 theater. He taught theater in various high schools for 17 years and was active in Houston community and junior college theaters.
  • William Samuel Aston Jr. ('84 Ph.D.), Fort Worth. He was a professor at Stephen F. Austin University and Wayland Baptist University before retiring. He was a veteran of the Korean War.
  • Betty June Stapleton ('84 M.Ed.), North Richland Hills. She taught English at Amarillo High School before moving to L.D. Bell High School where she founded the gifted and talented program. She was named Teacher of the Year at L.D. Bell and received the State of Texas Outstanding Teacher of Humanities Award.
  • Louis Haynes ('86), Dallas. He was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs, but a knee injury ended his football career in 1985. He later became a massage therapist at the Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center and for the Dallas Mavericks.
  • Deric Doniv Marshall ('88), San Francisco, Calif. He majored in music composition at UNT.
  • Gregory ‘Kalidas' A. Moring-Ryan ('88), Denton. He was a health fitness instructor and consultant and had worked at sports complexes in Dallas, Houston, New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He was a volunteer with numerous AIDS projects and helped with programs to feed the hungry in Los Angeles.

1990s [ top ]

  • Jennifer Paige Lovette Bailey ('94), Fort Worth. Due to her accomplishments while coping with muscular dystrophy, she was chosen as the "poster child" for the United Way twice most recently after her graduation from UNT. She considered her son Matthew her proudest achievement.
  • Brian Lively ('96), Dallas. He was owner and operator of B-Live Productions.
  • Timothy Robert Wiseman ('96 M.S.), Wichita Falls. He was the collection development manager for the Wichita Falls Public Library.
  • Nathan B. Carver ('97), Plano. He began his private dental practice in McKinney in 2001.

University Community [ top ]

  • Jack A. Dobbs ('55), Denton, manager of the golf course, 1976-1990. He studied business at North Texas and served in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War.
  • Helen Ann Williams Hanicak ('60, '67 M.A., '76 Ph.D.), Denton, English instructor, 1970-1971. She received her degrees in English from North Texas and worked as a teaching assistant before becoming a full-time instructor.
  • A. Kathleen Helvenston ('50 M.S.), Tatum, coach and physical education instructor, 1964-1966. She received her bachelor's degree from Stephen F. Austin State University and her master's degree in health, physical education and recreation from North Texas. She later taught at the University of Nevada at Reno and was the elementary physical education coordinator for the Lewisville ISD.
  • Marguerite Jost Denton, librarian, 1968-1975. She was born in Sanger June 1, 1918, and was a member of the First United Methodist Church in Denton.
  • Rowe Morgan Meador ('38, '51 M.B.A.), Garland, Professor Emeritus of business administration, 1955-1980. He received a bachelor's degree with a major in public school administration and a master's degree in accounting from North Texas. In 1958, he earned a doctorate in marketing and economics from the University of Arkansas. Meador entered the Army Air Force in World War II and served with the 360th Fighter Squadron of the 8th Air Force in England. At North Texas he taught marketing, sales management, statistics, accounting and economics and served as the director of the M.B.A. program and acting chair of the marketing department. He also served 30 years as a Church of Christ minister, including work at churches in Denton and Krum.
  • Bob Nunley, Denton, associate professor of mathematics, 1964-1988. Nunley served in the Navy on the U.S.S. Everett F. Larson during World War II. He earned a bachelor's degree from Texas A&M University, a master's from Hardin-Simmons University and a doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin. He was the author of Discovery in Elementary School Mathematics and Geometry: An Intuitive Approach and was a member of several professional organizations, including the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Texas Association of College Teachers. After his retirement, he tutored students, prepared tax returns for senior citizens and was involved in Habitat for Humanity. He also loved to read and travel.
  • Allen Laws Oliver III, Dallas, adjunct instructor in the School of Visual Arts, 2002-2003. Oliver, who taught interior design courses, was a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and a San Francisco design school. He also attended Parsons School of Design in New York. He taught at El Centro College and did design work and restoration projects throughout Dallas.
  • Richard M. Owsley, Denton, Professor Emeritus of philosophy, 1963-1996. He was a former chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion studies, which he helped create in 1969. He served in the Army Medical Corps during World War II and earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Louisville and a master's degree and doctorate from Indiana University. His specialties were existentialism and phenomenology. For more than 20 years he organized annual conferences on the life and thought of philosopher Martin Heidegger and the phenomenological movement. He continued to participate in UNT's Great Books Program until two weeks before his death.
  • Walton Henry Sharp, Spring, assistant professor of applied economics, 1983-1990. He received his bachelor's degree in business from Lamar University, his master's degree from the University of New Orleans and his doctorate from the University of Houston. He was a former director of the Labor and Industrial Relations Institute at UNT and later worked as a labor consultant for the U.S. Steel Workers.




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