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Words of Wisdom by Nancy Kolsti
Winter 2005      


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Restaurants for Boomers

According to Johnny Sue Reynolds, professor and associate dean of UNT's School of Merchandising and Hospitality Management, restaurants have catered to the needs of Baby Boomers in the past and will continue to do so as the generation hits 60.

"When Baby Boomers had children, we saw the beginning of restaurant chains that catered to families. These restaurants have high ceilings and open concepts, so noise doesn't matter," Reynolds says.

She says fast food restaurants added playgrounds for Boomers’ children and then started building indoor playgrounds as Boomers became older and didn't want to sit outside and endure the weather with their kids or grandchildren.

Reynolds says as Baby Boomers experience the effects of age, such as declining vision, restaurants will simply enlarge the menu type and turn up the lights.


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