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The Gift by Cathy Cashio
Winter 2005      


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The devil goats



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Over the past decade, Hubbard has honed his craft and re-emerged as a poet of the people.

In 1995, he walked away from the Kerrville Music Awards with the prize for Best Independent Album of the Year for Loco Gringo’s Lament. That year, Music City Texas Magazine also recognized Lament as Album of the Year.

The Kerrville Music Awards honored Hubbard with the Living Legends Award in 1996 and named his CD Dangerous Spirits the Texas Album of the Year in 1997. Also in 1997, he was honored with Song of the Year for “Conversation With the Devil” by the Austin Pundit Awards.

In 2001, Hubbard’s Eternal & Lowdown CD topped the American music charts at No. 1. Growl in 2003 and Delirium Tremolos in 2005 received favorable reviews, and his latest CD, Snake Farm, is due out in May.


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