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Study Hall by Nancy Kolsti
Winter 2005      


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More of the Mean Green Village

Several UNT sports teams are enjoying new facilities at the Mean Green Village, the former Liberty Christian School property on Bonnie Brae acquired by UNT.

Members of the Mean Green softball team now have a locker room and practice field while a new stadium is under construction. They can train at outdoor batting cages at the practice field or in indoor cages in the Mean Green Softball and Golf Facility.



The Mean Green Softball and Golf Facility also houses indoor putting and driving areas for the UNT golf teams.



UNT’s new soccer field was converted from the former Liberty Christian School football field. The soccer team has been practicing on the new field this spring and was scheduled to play its first game there April 4 against the Chinese National Selection Team.



The UNT tennis team began practicing and hosting matches at the Waranch Tennis Pavilion this spring. The $3 million complex features 12 courts and a clubhouse.



The former Liberty Christian School’s gym is being prepared for the UNT volleyball team, which practiced there this spring. The floor will be ready for play this fall.



A new practice field for the football team is located on Bonnie Brae in front of Victory Hall.

photos by Jerrell Jones





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