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Cooling-off period

Spring breaks

Down the Corridor

    Down the Corridor  

100 years ago

Subjects of conversation on campus in April were an earthquake in San Francisco, Calif., and an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy. A baseball team was organized and a game played against Decatur Baptist College. Students prepared the design of the Cotton-tail, UNT's first yearbook. An Alumni Day reunion was held at commencement in May. It was decided to name the alumni group the Alumni Association of the North Texas State Normal College.


75 years ago

Menter B. Terrill, president of North Texas from 1894 to 1901, died at his Dallas home. Abbey House, a boarding house adjacent to campus, was partially destroyed in a fire, displacing many students. The famous Royal Russian Choir performed on campus, conducted by Princess Agreneva-Slaviansky, the daughter of 1858 founder Prince Dimitry Alexandrovich Agreneva-Slaviansky. World renowned pianist and composer Percy Grainger performed on campus. Svengali, a film starring John Barrymore, was a Saturday feature in the Lyceum.


50 years ago

Four European musicians visited the North Texas campus: Ernst and Lory Wassfisch, Franz Schubert and Darius Milhand, all from Germany. North Texas' driver's education instructor, W.A. "Bill" Cooper, was invited by President Eisenhower to serve on the President Committee for Traffic Safety in Miami Beach, Fla. The committee was formed due to the number of traffic casualties across the nation the previous year. A singer named Elvis Presley, who topped record sales in May 1956, was the talk of the campus. IBM held a machine exhibit and shorthand workshop on campus.


25 years ago

North Texas' first Imagination Festival, a science fiction/fantasy/horror convention, was held on campus. Married theater, film and TV greats Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee performed on stage. Leon Breeden, director of jazz studies, gave a farewell performance as he prepared for retirement. The production crew of the movie Captured (renamed Split Image in the 1982 U.S. release) filmed numerous scenes on campus. The movie, with a cast that included Michael O'Keefe, Karen Allen, Peter Fonda and James Woods, told the story of students trapped in a religious cult. North Texas announced the return of an annual yearbook after a seven-year absence, with its name changed from Yucca to Aerie. President Frank Vandiver spoke in favor of reinstating a December commencement.


10 years ago

NTTV held auditions and aired its own version of the Gong Show. Wooten Hall received TV sets on all of its first-floor classrooms to aid instructors in lecturing. Ross Perot began campaigning for a new Reform Party, making him the subject of numerous stories in the NT Daily. The UNT Cheer Squad was chosen by NBC to film promotional segments airing before and during the National Cheerleading Association contest in Daytona Beach, Fla., as it defended its national title. Denton celebrated its 150th anniversary. The campus observed a moment of silence on the first anniversary of the 1995 Oklahoma City tragedy. Fry Street merchants donated space for a storefront police station to help combat an increase in neighborhood crime.



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