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Beat of a different drummer - UNT alumnus raised farm boy became pioneering surgeon. Story by Nancy Kolsti
Spring 2005      


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The Life of Plants

Beat of a Different Drummer




The accomplishments of Frank Spencer (’44) during his 52-year career in medicine include pioneering the repair of injured arteries while serving as a Korean War surgeon, launching open heart surgery at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center with a senior colleague, and introducing coronary bypass as chair of surgery at New York University’s School of Medicine.

Now the one-time farm boy from Haskell County wants another student from a rural area to have similar success. Spencer and his wife, Ann, recently gave the UNT College of Arts and Sciences $250,000 to establish a scholarship endowment that will serve high school students from rural Texas counties.

“With the combination of a good education and hard work, you can’t imagine the opportunities that may appear. But students need money to get the education for those opportunities,” Spencer says.

For more information about the scholarship, call (940) 565-2497.


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