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Business fun by Rufus Coleman
Spring 2004      

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From Howard Stern to Santa

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Business Fun

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From Howard Stern to Santa

Chris Faulkner learned early on with CI Host the difference between advertising and good press coverage — press is cheaper.

In the pursuit of coverage, we know he has rented space on someone's head and someone's boxing trunks.

But CI Host has also been the proud sponsor of the Howard Stern Show, a cyber clan, a Brazilian racecar driver, a London soccer team and Santa, among other things.

In 1996, Stern's nationally syndicated radio program went off the air in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Four years later Faulkner stepped in to sponsor the return of the show to North Texas airwaves.

As a gaming fan, Faulkner sponsored a team in the Cyberathlete Professional League Pentium 4 Processor Winter 2003 Championship — in other words, a bunch of guys playing the video game Halo online.

CI Host's cyber clan was known as "Clan Wat?"

For the 2004 American Le Mans Series of sports car racing, which features nine races on the Speed Channel this season, CI Host is sponsoring young Brazilian driver Cristiano Piquet. And to celebrate the spring opening of its London data center, the company is sponsoring the AFC Fulham soccer club in London.

Even St. Nick has gotten in on the promotional action. For the holidays, the company put up a 25-foot Santa on its Bedford headquarters.

But not every media mention is off-beat. CI Host also sponsors many charitable causes, and one of its more serious projects came at the height of the California wildfires last fall. The company created a web site to offer up–to-the-minute news on the fires and links to emergency resources as well as financial support to the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army as they helped the hundreds of families in five counties made homeless by the fires.



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