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Down the Corridor


    Down the Corridor  

75 years ago
North Texas received a national honor, ranking first among teacher's colleges in the percentage of faculty members holding at least a master's degree. … Mary Lewis, Prima Donna soprano of the Metropolitan Opera, performed at the College Auditorium. … Summer enrollment reached 3,045 with nine new classes being offered to meet demands. … Plans for a memorial tower to honor World War I veterans were begun. The plans were drawn by alumnus O'Neil Ford.

50 years ago
Two North Texas students left for Nevada to participate indirectly in the forthcoming atomic bomb tests. The married couple was delivering a car that would be included in the test to determine the effects of nuclear fission weapons on personal property. … Archaeologist Alex Perry Kreiger lectured at the site of a recently discovered prehistoric mammoth on the Calvert farm near Denton. … The first annual Campus Chest drive, a weeklong campaign to raise money for charitable organizations and the needy, was under way.

25 years ago
Beer returned to the Rock Bottom Lounge with the first deliveries since the Denton vote for a "wet" county. … James Linebarger, professor of English, discussed the 435-mile tour of Ireland that he took in two weeks. … The second annual North Texas Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest was won for the second year in a row by Bruce Hall resident Steve Haslund, with a spitting distance of 28 feet, 4 inches. That was 4 feet less than his previous win of 32 feet.

10 years ago
Two North Texas students became engaged while skydiving. The proposal was made as they fell to earth from 13,000 feet in the air. … The North Texas library system was designated a major research library by the U.S. Department of Education. … Singer Sara Hickman ('86) performed at the Women's History Musical Celebration at Kerr Beach.





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