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Lost Treasures - Art Historian Documents Missing Iraqi Art by Ellen Rossetti
Fall 2007      


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International Network for Contemporary Iraqi Artists

Ayagallery in London

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Agial Art Gallery in Beirut

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World Notice

Nada Shabout’s work is gaining notice across the world. This spring, she plans to serve as a visiting assistant professor at MIT, where she will teach two courses on modern Arab art and work with doctoral students studying the subject. She also earned a Fulbright Scholar grant to teach a course in contemporary Arab art history at the University of Jordan in Amman in Fall 2008.

Her book, Modern Arab Art: Formation of Arab Aesthetics, is due to be published in October, and the Fulbright grant will allow her to start research on a second book related to contemporary Arab art.

For her research on missing Iraqi art, she has received two $10,000 grants from the American Academic Research Institute in Iraq.


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