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Down the Corridor

    Down the Corridor  

100 years ago

Joel Sutton Kendall, who had served as North Texas president since 1901, died Oct. 7, 1906. …Topics of conversation on campus included the Trans Alaskan-Siberian Railway’s plans to tunnel the Bering Strait and contracts for future construction of the Panama Canal. … The young ladies of the college formed a basketball team. Previous teams had formed and “died down in past years,” according to a Normal Journal entry. … Hand-ball was a new sport introduced for play in winter days, as it could be played inside. …A new fence with hitching posts was erected to improve the appearance of the campus.


75 years ago

The Campus Chat advertised haircuts at the College Barber Shop for 25 cents. … The Bat Whispers was the Halloween film shown on campus. … The Chat reported Yale gymnasium director William G. Anderson’s prediction that football was on the decline and that so-called minor sports would grow instead. … An editorial noted that the depression was teaching students the importance of national and international affairs and giving them a wider view of economic affairs and conditions.


50 years ago

Pasteboard figures of Elvis, James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor were stolen from a local theater. In a survey conducted by the Campus Chat, 103 of 129 students said they believed Elvis’ music was a fad; 50 percent believed his entertainment techniques were immoral. … For the first time at North Texas, the fall semester enrollment included African American undergraduates. Freshman football team members Abner Haynes ('62) and Leon King ('62, '72 M.S.) became the first African Americans in the North Texas athletics program. ... Twenty bands, including 18 visitor bands, played during the Homecoming game half-time. After a three-month drought, it finally rained the night of the game. … Alumnus Pat Boone accepted a $1 million, seven-year contract with 20th Century Fox movie studio. He visited campus and sang “Friendly Persuasion.” … McConnell Tower was dedicated Dec. 16, 1956. June Albright, one of the top carillonneurs in the nation, played a recital at the dedication.


25 years ago

A male student ran for Homecoming Queen. … The assassination of Egypt’s Anwar Sadat was the talk of the campus and the world. … The wife of UNT alumnus and Pittsburgh Steeler “Mean” Joe Greene accepted a plaque announcing his induction into the North Texas Athletic Hall of Fame during a game. … The TV show Dallas continued to draw audiences one year after J.R.’s shooting, according to a newspaper report, and the wedding of Luke and Laura on ABC’s daytime soap opera General Hospital filled the lobbies of North Texas residence halls. Students admitted to missing days of classes during that weeklong event.


10 years ago

A burnt burger forced the evacuation of the University Union. … Oct. 24, 1996, was declared Wilfred Bain Day in honor of the dean of music from 1938 to 1947. … Construction began on both the Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building and Santa Fe Hall. … Two horror films were shown on Halloween: The Creature From the Black Lagoon and It Came From Outer Space in 3-D. ... James Carl Matthews, North Texas’ first alumnus to serve as president, died  Nov. 10, 1996. … Students gathered to hold a UNiTy rally to protest hatred and pledge harmony.



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