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The North Texan welcomes letters from alumni and friends. Send letters, with writer's full name and address, to

The North Texan; University of North Texas; University Relations, Communications and Marketing; P.O. Box 311070; Denton, Texas;

Letters may also be faxed to (940) 369-8763, sent via e-mail to or submitted on this page. Letters may be edited for length and publication style.


Star drummer

The North Texan Summer 2005 issue vol. 55 no. 2I enjoyed the summer cover story on John Bryant and Earl Harvin. I used to watch Earl play in Denton with Billygoat, the Rubber Bullet Band and others — those were the days.

I thought you should know about the stunning success of another ex-UNTer named Keith Carlock. Keith attended UNT from 1989 to about 1994, played in the UNT drumline, studied with Ed Soph ('68), rose as high as the Three O'Clock Lab Band, and has gone on to play for Harry Belafonte, Bette Midler and the Blues Brothers, among others.

Two of his most amazing accomplishments are being the only drummer on the latest Steely Dan album (quite unusual as there are usually almost as many drummers as songs on Steely Dan albums) and touring with Steely Dan, and then leaving that tour to join with Sting's world tour for a couple of years.

Keith is an amazing drummer and, having known him since junior high, I can say he's a great person, too.

Ken Youens-Clark ('95)

New bricks

I saw pictures on of the new brick design behind the Administration Building. It looks great. Congratulations on the new Eagle mark. Thanks to the executive administration, staff and others involved in developing it. That is a home run.

It stands up very well against logos of other schools. It makes me proud. We need to be seeing it all over.

Adam Thackston ('87)
Collierville, Tenn.

More hurdlers


Hurdler Jimmy Jones qualified for the NCAA track and field championships in 1970. (1970 Yucca)

In your summer Sidelines section you stated that Kory Williams ('05) is the first ever male to compete as a hurdler from North Texas in the NCAA championship. Not so. In 1970 three track guys qualified for the NCAA track and field championships.

Bill Schmidt ('70), javelin, won gold. Jimmy Jones ('70), intermediate hurdles, ran in the meet but did not qualify for the finals. I qualified for the championship in the long jump but didn't compete as I had to start a new job coaching in Odessa.

I certainly do not want to take anything away from Kory Williams as I am very proud of his abilities and accomplishments.

As a North Texas track athlete and graduate, I am proud anytime I read about North Texas track and field.

Mike Neeley ('70)
via e-mail

Editor's note: Thanks for setting the record straight. We believe Williams was the first North Texas male hurdler to compete in the NCAA championship since 1983, when Lynn Howe competed in the 400-meter hurdles.

A real inspiration

It was great to read of Dr. Don Rice ('55, '58 M.Ed.) in the class notes section of the summer issue. He was a real inspiration to
my going to North Texas. He got me interested in running for student government at Grayson County College and in service to the community.

What a great time I had at North Texas. It was kind of the time before the storm of Vietnam. Dr. Rice had a big part in the life experience I have had since.

Pat Corcoran ('70)
Henderson, Nev.

The ring

Regarding the ring mystery and letters you have received (about the lost class ring with "North Texas State University" across the top and a degree year from North Texas State College days), here is my experience, which may shed some light on the mystery.

I was scheduled to graduate from NTSC and I purchased my ring from the bookstore in the basement of the old student center. As luck would have it, I accepted a job in the brand new information systems field prior to graduation. I later returned to North Texas and graduated in 1964. By then it was NTSU.

Being very proud that the new NTSU name change was on my degree, I returned to the bookstore to see what I could do about my ring, which had the incorrect (anticipated) graduation date and name. The Balfour representative proposed that Balfour would change the graduation date free and replace the top of the ring for a nominal fee.

So, my ring has an NTSU top and a graduation date of '64, but the seal on the side still says NTSC. Hope this helps.

Ted Miller ('64)

Flight path

I recently retired from United Airlines, culminating a 41-year career in commercial and military aviation. Tell (former music professors) John Haynie, Bob Rogers ('42) and David McGuire that it was golf that ultimately got me through those years of stress and strain.

A hearty thank you to the university staff who made my years easy. Thanks for another one of life's lessons in tolerance and understanding for those of you who made it difficult.

All of it has truly served me well in an industry that never flies straight and level. On the way up and on the way down, I drew knowledge and strength from the leadership the entire staff provided me during those formative years at UNT.

Jerry Beaty ('69)



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