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Cheering on the Green and White by Nancy Kolsti
Fall 2003      


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Cheerleader feedback

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Cheering on the Green and White

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Cheerleader feedback

Thanks to all the former North Texas cheerleaders who responded to our request for help with this story. Here are a few memories that came our way.

I was a cheerleader along with Donna Rankin, Liz James, Louis Montanio, Bill Hanks and Tom Brown. All of it was fun, but some of my fondest memories are: cheering at the dormitory cafeterias the night before a game; attending SMU cheerleader camp the summer before our year began; laughing our heads off during a game about silly comments that no one else could hear. Personally, I remember my campaign signs being defaced before the election, campaigning in the dormitories, feeling ambivalent about not being able to sit with the Green Jackets during a game. The night I was elected cheerleader, I found out that an article I had written for the Sigma Tau Delta national magazine, The Rectangle, had been published. So I felt proud of that accomplishment, too!

Sue Attebery Cook ('59)
cheered 1958-59

My fondest memories are of our practice sessions in the courtyard at Chilton Hall and our "road trip" by train to Wichita. Congratulations to the 2002 cheer squad for their outstanding success!

LaGayle Henson Sosnowy ('66)
cheered 1964-65

I have a lot of good memories of being a cheerleader, but probably my most favorite one would be the basketball games at the old Men's Gym (see The Snake Pit). The games were always a lot of fun, and it was amazing during those turbulent times — with the Vietnam War going on and general societal unrest affecting so many things — that so many students of all persuasions and types came out to the basketball games. It was like a great melting pot. No matter what was going on — with the war, or President Nixon or anywhere or anything else — all kinds of students and people came to the Men's Gym for the basketball games.

Bruce Pfieffer ('75)
cheered 1970, freshman squad; 1971-73, varsity

My fondest memories of cheerleading were how much we practiced and going to camp. We had the toughest captain there ever was, Kenny Goss ('83). We won the highest award at the SMU camp that year. My not-so-fond memories are times when I would fall on my head or my butt while building a pyramid or doing a double stunt with my partner. I have to say this: Those years I was a cheerleader under Kenny Goss I was in the best shape I have ever been in!

Sharon Nash ('82)
cheered 1980-81

I remember our squad driving up to Tennessee for cheerleading camp the summer of 1980. It was a long drive but we had a good time, despite having a tire blowout. That was scary, but we were in good hands. Steve Peterson changed it and we were on our way! The next year we stayed close to home and went to camp at SMU. I have memories of cheerleading camp and the competition with the other squads trying to win the award of excellence. Our head cheerleader, Kenny Goss, was very competitive and worked us hard.

Ledia Tuttle-Tarazewich ('83)
cheered 1980-82

I loved everything about cheering except traveling in the big white van! I loved to build pyramids and do stunts with my partner. I think the neatest thing was getting to go to all the social events to promote North Texas. It was a very fun and busy year for me. I would've tried out again if I hadn't gotten married. We really needed more funding then. Hopefully they've gotten it since 1985.

Lynn Ross Rabon
cheered 1984-85

The memories I cherish the most from cheering at UNT are definitely the friends I made. We spent so much time together that we felt like family. I also have many fun memories from tryouts to camp, Homecoming, football and basketball games, and most of all nationals. We had quite a few inside jokes that probably wouldn't be funny to anyone else. Many of us lost touch over the past 10 years and are just now finding each other again. We can't wait to get back together and know we will pick up right where we left off.

Kelly Crider ('93)
cheered 1988-92

My fondest memory cheering at UNT was winning the College Cheerleading Championships in 1995. Our coach at the time, Cynthia, was a blast.

Pete Aguirre ('97)
cheered 1994-97

I have so many wonderful memories from cheering at UNT. The camaraderie was like no other. A personal memory was placing third at nationals in Daytona for stunt competition with my partner, Tyler McCowen. My list of good times could go on and on. The people I cheered with are like family and we still keep in touch to this day.

Shannon O'Toole
cheered 1995-97


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