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High Fashion High Arts  by Kelley Reese
Fall 2002      

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Postcards From Afar

Distinguished UNT Alumna Jean Andrews ('76 Ph.D.) has gathered many items of folk art and ethnic dress in her travels. Some of the items in her collection are on exhibit through Oct. 18 in the UNT Art Gallery, located on the first floor of the Art Building. Gallery hours are Monday and Tuesday from noon to 8 p.m. and Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. For more information, call (940) 565-4005.

(Photos by Amy Hubbard)

photos of Postcards From Afar   From left: Man’s white shirt (kediyun), 1980, India, typically worn by the Rabari people of Gujarat with loose pants called chorani.Woman’s tunic, 1950-60, desert area of the Sindh region of Pakistan. Berber woman’s tunic dress, 1960-70, Tunisia, Africa, typical of the nomads of the Tunis area.

photos of Postcards From Afar   From left: Pectoral of cotton, glass beads, brass, plastic and silver coins, 1960-70, Turkey.Pectoral of molded silver and glass beads trimmed with cowrie shells, 1940-50, Pakistan. Background: Quilt of geometric patchwork and appliquéd cotton with embroidery and mirror work, 1950-60, Pakistan.

photos of Postcards From Afar
From left: Child’s hat of padded silk, 1970-80, China, displayed with baby carrier of hand woven indigo typical of the Miao people in the Guizhou province.Traditional Miao woman’s ensemble, 1990-2002, China, consisting of an embroidered jacket, pleated skirt and bib apron. Man’s batik robe, 1970-80, China, with a design including human figures, bats, bulls, butterflies, caterpillars and fish. Background: Baby carriers as decorative panels, with work typical of the Shidong region of the Guizhou province.



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