William ‘Bill’ K. Dwyer

Graduation Year: 

William ‘Bill’ K. Dwyer (‘73 M.S.) Houston :: has retired from the NASA Johnson Space Center after a 31-year career as an avionics engineer. He retired as the system manager for the hardware and operating system software, which is used for the 56 general-purpose computers that control all the systems, operations and payloads onboard the International Space Station. He also was the manager for the Timeliner automated operational procedure system used by ground operators and astronauts to control operational activities onboard the ISS. He received the center’s Director’s Award, the Engineering Directorate Legacy Award and multiple special achievement awards for his work. Prior to working at NASA, he served as a communications officer onboard the USS Forrestal (CVA-59) during the Vietnam War and was a math, physics and computer programming professor at Frank Phillips College and San Jacinto College. His plans for the future are “to relax and do nothing for a long, long time.” He is married to Sandra Sue Sunderman Dwyer (’68, ’73 M.Ed.).