Video: New University Union

Check out a video about UNT's new University Union, where students can hang out with friends, study, share a meal and find student services.

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For most people it's not until you have passed your youth that you begin to have recollections of the past. For me, it was the Student Union Building--what is now the University Union Building. The third floor was a variety of formal settings, mostly where students could meet with their parents, rather than at a dorm room (where all freshmen were required to live). All the women wore skirts and dresses. To wear jeans meant that you were part of the hoi polloi, and not college material. Only male students were allowed to wear shorts, and for all female students there was "bed check"--meaning the women's dorms doors were locked at midnight, and one must present a handwritten note from one's parents in order to go home on weekends. Yes, Dean Dickey and General Lindley truly were in control of campus activities.

"Meet me at the SUB." still brings to mind those golden days of meeting and making friends in the simple booths on the second floor of the Student Union Building. Each booth held six people. There were hat racks at each booth. There was a cafeteria line for LOW PRICED food--certainly no $5.00 hamburgers and $2.00 soft drinks! Many students brought their own "brown bags" containing their luncheon goodies, etc.

On the street level, the first floor, was the "N.T.S.U. Book Store" and the U.S. Post Office with four-digit mail boxes. And the basement was storage for books inventory. That was "The SUB".

Freshmen were also not allowed to have cars on campus, so most people walked everywhere on campus. There were few marked parking spaces on the streets, and no charge for parking. Only parking for employees beside the Administration Building was restricted. Otherwise one parked ON THE STREET that ran in front of the AB and the SUB.

The College Inn was ALL MALE students with an intercom in each room, so activities could be heard in all rooms. "Plug-in" and "take-with-you" telephones began in 1980. Before that, all phones were "hard wired", and General Telephone Company leased each phone, rather than anyone owning his own phone.

At North Texas State University (now UNT) there were about 30,000 freshmen students. It's no wonder why it often took three days of walking from one building to another, and another, and another in order to register for classes each semester. Oh, those long lines and the waiting! Tuition for two classes for my first summer semester was about $50.

Ok, so there have been some changes and improvements. I left, and then returned in 1980 to complete my 36 consecutive months as a full-time student, in order to finally graduate December 19, 1981. My 14K class ring was $336. Enough of my reminiscing about my golden years on campus. May you have many rich memories of your days at U.N.T.

Comment #1 posted by Jack Nicholson (not verified) 1 year 19 weeks ago.

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