UNT alumni in military bands take part in inauguration parade

Thanks to James Wood ('07 D.M.A.) with the U.S. Army Field Band for coordinating these shots of UNT alumni in three of the military bands that marched in January's inauguration parade.

From left, Jeff Martin, Blake Arrington, Matt Penland, Ben Polk, Erik Lundquist, Bill Marr, saxophone instructor, and Ricky Parrell. Photo by CMSgt Kevin Burns


U.S. Air Force Band, based in Washington, D.C.
From left, Jeff Martin, 1992-1996; Blake Arrington ('02, '04 M.M.); Matt Penland ('12); Ben Polk ('08 Graduate Artist Certificate); Erik Lundquist ('14, '16 M.M.); Bill Marr, saxophone instructor, 2005; and Ricky Parrell ('08 M.M.).
Photo by CMSgt Kevin Burns

Luke Brimhall, front, with Sarah Turner Williams, senior lecturer of music and head of choral activities at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, who also marched in the parade, and, from left, Sean Casey; Phillip Johnson; Andrew Layton; Ryan Brewer; Dustin Mollick; Thomas Davis; Zachary Steele, James Wood, Bradford Danho, Kevin Watt, Christopher Sarangoulis, Ward Yager, and Nicholas Althouse. Not pictured: Lauren Veronie Curran, Pat Shook, Tim Young, and Joshua Fox.


U.S. Army Field Band, based in Fort Meade, Maryland

Luke Brimhall ('11 M.M.), front, with Sarah Turner Williams ('93), senior lecturer of music and head of choral activities at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, who also marched in the parade; and, from left, Sean Casey, 2008-2013; Phillip Johnson ('03 M.M.); Andrew Layton ('99); Ryan Brewer ('14); Dustin Mollick ('10 M.M.); Thomas Davis, 2008-2010; Zachary Steele, 2011-2015; James Wood ('07 D.M.A.); Bradford Danho ('06 M.M.); Kevin Watt ('91 M.M.); Christopher Sarangoulis ('03); Ward Yager ('04 M.M.); and Nicholas Althouse, 2005-2008. Not pictured: Lauren Veronie Curran ('05, '07 M.M.), Pat Shook ('97 M.M.), Tim Young ('97 M.M.) and Joshua Fox ('08).

From left, Daniel Geldert, Robert Behrend, Jason Ayoub, Philip Eberly, David Perkel, Thomas Eby, Tyler Mire10, Luis Hernandez, Cynthia Wolverton, Philip Burlin, James Logan; and Joshua Arvizu.


U.S. Navy Band, based in Washington, D.C.
From left, Daniel Geldert ('09); Robert Behrend, 2007-2009; Jason Ayoub ('00); Philip Eberly ('08 M.M.); David Perkel ('91); Thomas Eby ('08 M.M.); Tyler Mire ('10, '12 M.M.); Luis Hernandez ('96); Cynthia Wolverton ('02 D.M.A.); Philip Burlin, 1979-1982; James Logan ('88); and Joshua Arvizu ('04 M.M.).

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