I loved the favorite souvenirs coverage so much that I’m sending you a photo of one of mine from the early ’60s. This shiny bookcover shows the Ad Building, the logo for the Trading Post (where I later worked for “Swede” Swenson) and a hair cream ad all in one. Don’t ask me why I kept this, but I am glad I did.

Faye Lynn Dodge King (’62)



Here’s my contribution of North Texas kitsch. Back in the 1970s, smoking was still considered a right — so much so that the university provided personalized ash trays for the dorms and student union. They were made of foil-covered card stock and provided a cheap, disposable container for the countless butts we smoked in an effort to look and act cool. These little ash trays are a reminder that a lot has changed on campus in 30 years.

Ernie Murray (’77)


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