Serving with pride

Top, from left, Capt. Kevin Callahan, U.S. Navy, UNT associate professor of educational psychology, and Anthony Carter ('94). Bottom, from left, Deputy U.S. Marshal Paul Denton (’91) and Anthony Carter.I am writing to you at the request of Air Force Capt. Anthony Carter (’94). Anthony and I recently served together as mobilized reservists in Afghanistan, where we were both stationed at the headquarters of the International Security Assistance Force in Kabul. Anthony asked that I send this photo, to let you see two UNT guys serving their country overseas with pride and honor.

Capt. Kevin Callahan, U.S. Navy
UNT associate professor of educational psychology

Editor’s note: We heard from Capt. Carter that Deputy U.S. Marshal Paul Denton (’91), a fellow Sigma Chi member, also served at the headquarters in Afghanistan.












Bill -

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns with us. It is always good to hear from alumni, and I appreciate you posting this comment.

We did not mean any disrespect in how we identified the various military officers in the piece. We use the Associated Press Style in our publications as it is used for numerous magazines and newspapers across the nation. AP Style provides clear directions on when to capitalize military titles, how to spell them out or abbreviate, etc. Styles such as AP also help us to be consistent in our stories so that we are equally respectful of all our alumni, including those who proudly serve in the military.

Also, I am glad to hear the magazine keeps you aware of all the changes on campus. There definitely is quite a bit happening on campus.

Thanks again,
Julie Elliott Payne ('97)
The North Texan editor

Comment #1 posted by Julie Elliott Payne (not verified) 7 years 45 weeks ago.

It is always good to see supportive articles for our military.

I have a small, but important correction. Important to Navy and Coast Guard officers, particularly those that attain the rank of CAPTAIN, one rung down from Admiral. In print, a Navy CAPTAIN is always addressed in all capitals. This is to distinguish the individual from Army, Air Force, and Marine personnel with the rank of Captain, one step above First Lieutenant.

In the article both Capt. Anthony Carter and CAPT. Kevin Callahan are identified as "Capt." which is a disservice to the professor.

Thanks for the good publication. It seems the campus has changed a bit from '63 when I began. A student population of about 8,000 if i recall. To make a phone call, only the last four digits were required. There was very limited housing for men; stayed at a house with boarding rooms on Fry Street and the Square was a happening place - a short walk from Fry Street.

bill shanks, '73

Comment #2 posted by Bill Shanks (not verified) 7 years 46 weeks ago.

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