Jacob Appelt

Graduation Year: 

Jacob Appelt, Los Angeles :: recorded the CD Standardized Tests with several College of Music alumni. The musicians include Jacob, producing, arranging and electric bass; Kyle O’Donnell (’06), saxophone; Austin Byrd (’11,’13 M.M.), keyboards; David Abrams (’09), guitar; Kevin Hicks (’11), trombone; Ben Burget, who attended from 2001 to 2005, engineering and mixing; and Corey Coverstone, a Los Angeles-based drummer. They all met and played together in the Denton band Sol Kitchen. Years later, they came separately to Los Angeles to pursue careers in the music industry. The CD includes selections from John Coltrane and Miles Davis. “This project was a simple celebration of the joy of playing with very capable, like-minded individuals in a setting that inspires us,” Jacob says.