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Jack Rosenbalm (’64, ’66 M.A, ’74 Ph.D.), Lockhart :: He studied history and English at North Texas and taught in the English department while earning his doctorate under Gerald Kirk with a specialty in Restoration literature. He taught at Texas State University for more than 30 years, edited Studies in American Humor and was a founding member of the American Humor Studies Association, which offers a prize in his name. He served in the U.S. Army in military intelligence for three years. At North Texas, he edited The Eaglet, an underground newspaper. Survivors include his wife of 50 years, Carolyn Walton Rosenbalm (’65).

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I am heartbroken to learn of his passing. I am not a lucky person, but somehow I managed to select Dr. Rosenbalm for one of my earlier English courses at Southwest Texas State (now Texas State), and for the next four years, I took every class he was generous enough to offer. I enjoyed all of the professors in the English department, but must say there was a magic spell cast over a Rosenbalm class. Many times he would prop his cowboy boots up a chair and lift his azure blue eyes to the sky and recite perfect prose or poetry from the period of study. He did not suffer fools well and why should he? He was plain-spoken and selfless educator, wanting all of the focus on the literature, taking none for himself. I have thought of him many times since graduating in 1995 and even tried to find a contact a year or two ago, and oh how I wish I had been successful. My husband and I extend our deepest condolences to Mrs. Rosenbalm of whom he spoke so highly. May he rest peacefully in the fondness and respect he earned as our esteemed teacher. Thank you, Dr. Rosenbalm.

M Hundley
SWTSU 1995

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