Glenn D. Turner

Graduation Year: 

Glenn D. Turner (’79 M.A.), Elgin, Ill. :: retired from Elgin Community College after serving as administrator and faculty member in higher education for 35 years. He previously worked at the University of Texas at Dallas and Westark Community College. He also taught English and served as student newspaper advisor and varsity softball coach at Bishop Lynch High School. He enjoys traveling around the world and recently presented a paper on how 19th century American Gothicism branched away from its European roots at Oxford University in England.  He is currently editing 27 years of travel videos. He also volunteers work with adults with autism, helping them train and find suitable employment and serving as an advocate assisting financial, social, and employment situations. At North Texas, he was involved in the marching band and Phi Mu Alpha and Sigma Tau Delta. “I have many fond memories as a student: some fantastic lectures; meeting Joseph Heller, author of Catch 22; playing intramural flag football; attending the very first Earth Day Celebration; coming in third in a fencing tournament; and making friends for whom I still care for ― and who could forget the streaking events?”