Down the Corridor: Send us your memories about your favorite campus spots

Students in the University Building's Howdy Room in 1959.

As long as students have been coming to North Texas, they’ve been finding favorite places to congregate. The Union has long been a prime meeting place on campus, whether you knew it as the Union Building, the Student Union or the University Union. And we’ve heard of some popular off-campus spots through the years, on the Corner and around the square. (Pender’s, Hamilton’s Drug, the Ju-Cy Pig, the Library – no not that library, the Tomato and Mr. Chopsticks come to mind.) If you had a favorite hangout as a student, we’d like to hear about it.

Send your memories and photos to Or write to us at The North Texan; University of North Texas; Division of University Relations, Communications and Marketing; 1155 Union Circle #311070; Denton, Texas 76203-5017.


The spot under the stairs in Wooten Hall is the perfect place to catch a nap between classes! The "Blue Couch" in Chilton Hall used to be a great place to hang out and relax as well.

Comment #1 posted by Katrina Winant ('05) (not verified) 8 years 31 weeks ago.

I escaped to two different places as secret hide-away spots when I needed time for myself. I’d go to the natatorium (and swim laps there) any time of year, and I’d have my prayer and quiet time at night around the Coliseum. I would look out over the road and watch the cars and people go by.

Comment #2 posted by Michelle Coltharp-Baxter (’02) (not verified) 8 years 31 weeks ago.

Students in the early to mid-1970s will remember the Final Exam, in an old house at the corner of Hickory and Avenue C. The tables consisted of telephone cable spools located in the house’s rooms. Great place for beer and foosball.












Comment #3 posted by Susan Neuwirth Johnson (’77) (not verified) 8 years 31 weeks ago.

The Union was outstanding. You met all kinds of different people there and were able to network before networking was even heard of. I also liked Kerr Hall. It was co-ed, with girls on one side and guys on the other, so you learned to socialize and conduct yourself as a gentleman. Down in the lounge, you played dominos and cards — but then you took care of your studies.





Comment #4 posted by Aaron Bonds (’72) (not verified) 8 years 31 weeks ago.

I have a lot of great memories from my time at NT during the mid-80s, and so many of them revolve around two places in particular.

One of those places was the Green Derby, a bar at the corner of Ave. A and Mulberry, across the street from the Language Building. Not a hopping place like other bars around campus, it was, nevertheless, a great place to meet up with friends (even a group of profs hung out there), enjoy cheap beer and good conversation -- and great acoustic music on the weekends. Make no mistake -- the place was almost a dive and the owner's cigar smoke permeated everything. But it was the closest thing to a neighborhood pub (except for, possibly, the State Club).

And then there's the Flying Tomato. A legend in its own right, the Tomato was the quintessential college hang-out. Thursday nights (the start of our weekends back then) would see the place overflowing with students partaking of the cheap beer and great pizza. It was a fixture, and definitely a required stop on the rounds of campus bar-hopping and socializing.

Comment #5 posted by RGB ('87) (not verified) 8 years 40 weeks ago.

The State Club was the best place to hang out with friends. Someone was always there. You could just walk up or drive by and peek through the huge pane glass windows to see which of your friends were in there hanging out. The delicious chicken tenders, fries and honey mustard were staple food items at North Texas. The bathrooms were the worst in town, but the food and friends were memory makers!

Comment #6 posted by AnnDee Ambrosia Beckerman (not verified) 8 years 40 weeks ago.

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