Christina Kitchens Q&A

Christina Kitchens ('99, '05 M.B.A.) (Photo by Michael Clements)Christina Kitchens ('99, '05 M.B.A.)
Dallas, Texas

On leadership 
In the M.B.A. program, we had group projects on the management side. On a couple of occasions my group said, "You sure do like to be in the driver's seat, so we're going to let you drive." I didn't get it at the time, but those things gave me confidence. They were saying that I had permission to lead. That was important because it helped me focus and understand that leading was part of my personality.

Student lessons
I absolutely loved my time in UNT's Professional Leadership Program. Something that stuck with me for many years from PLP was that the program head gave me a card with a motivational poem, The Cork and the Whale, and a piece of cork to be a reminder of perseverance. The poem was about a cork that floated in the great big ocean with a menacing whale but, no matter what happened, it always kept floating to the top because it was made of special stuff. I kept that cork tucked in my purse for many years and still have it stowed away at home.

On diversity
In oil and gas and banking, there were always few women and minorities. That is changing, and all for the better. The more people who get involved in the industry who can communicate and educate differently, who bring diverse perspectives and perhaps balanced objectives, the more that helps these vital industries thrive.

Favorite hobbies
I'm an avid clay shooter. I was often invited to clay shoot with clients. I am one of those people who, even if I don't know how to do it, is going to show up and figure it out. In this case I happened to really take to it. I also love playing golf, oil painting and collecting first-edition books of American and British classics.

Favorite music
I listen to a wide range of music: dub step, rap, rock and classic rock -- anything with a good beat. I have people pull up to me when I'm driving and my car is sometimes vibrating from a good beat. It draws a look of surprise at times.

All in the family
My husband, Lorenzo Robles Jr. ('09), is now working as an IT manager for the College of Science while pursuing a master's in history. We'd known each other in Odessa and he followed me when I transferred to UNT to be near my brother, Jason Kitchens, who was enrolled as a student and played Mean Green football. Our parents were overseeing an oil and gas project in Kazakhstan for many years, so I was the big sis who had to keep the all-too-popular brother on the straight and narrow.

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