Charn Uswachoke

Charn Uswachoke (Photo by Luke Duggleby)Charn Uswachoke (’73 M.B.A.) came to UNT to learn how to turn his entrepreneurial vision into reality.

Along the way, he found a welcoming place. Professors with ties to major corporations inspired him. He and friends attended football games at Fouts Field and basketball games at the Pit, and even traveled from Denton to the West Coast in a small Volkswagen (in the Silicon Valley, he remembers just “a small town full of orchard trees”). And UNT fueled his long-held love of jazz.

“I was away from home, but I didn’t feel like I was away because people treated me well,” he says. “I enjoyed it very much.”

The successful Thai entrepreneur has long been a generous supporter of UNT, and his latest pledged gift is another milestone.

Noted for his development of the semiconductor industry in Thailand, Uswachoke also was a senator of the Kingdom of Thailand from 1996 to 2000 and a member of its Committee on Science, Technology and Energy. He advised the Thai House of Representatives Committee on Science and Technology and was an advisor to the prime minister. He also was one of the Thai Red Cross Society fundraising directors.

Uswachoke gained his entrepreneurial spirit from his father, who owned a textile factory in Thailand, and he came to UNT for his master’s degree in business administration to gain more tools to help him in his career. He looks back fondly on “very, very tough” courses with such teachers as renowned finance professor George A Christy.

When he accepted UNT’s Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1996, Uswachoke said, “I needed a catalyst to transform my vision into reality. I found that in this university.”

In addition to learning about business, Uswachoke fed his passion for music at UNT — particularly jazz. He recalls walking from his room in Kendall Hall to other parts of campus and passing the Music Building, where he heard the One O’Clock Lab Band practicing.

“Every time we passed on a walk, I listened to them,” he says, “and I liked it.”

In fact, in 2004, Uswachoke arranged for UNT’s world-renowned One O’Clock Lab Band to perform for the King of Thailand, who joined them in the four-hour concert. At the same time, UNT presented His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej with an honorary doctorate in music. Uswachoke says the king fondly remembers hearing the One O’Clock Lab Band play at the White House in 1967.

“This trip will forever rank as one of the true high points of international performance for UNT,” says James C. Scott, dean of the College of Music.

“For many years, Charn Uswachoke has been one of the college’s most generous and helpful supporters,” Scott says. “His new gift will go beyond protecting the long-established great school we have here to allow us to compete even more effectively for the very best students and faculty anywhere.”

Uswachoke — whose son, Chawit, graduated from the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science at UNT in 2010 — says he is pleased to see his alma mater on a journey of continued excellence.

“I’m happy to do this for UNT,” he says.“I love UNT and Denton.”


Thank you very much Mr. Uswachoke...what you have done will be benefited for all and its coming years...(Adhy, BCIS 2000 - Indonesia)

Comment #1 posted by Adhy Santoso (not verified) 6 years 30 weeks ago.

Thanks so much for your generosity! You are an inspiration.
-Current Sophomore at UNT

Comment #2 posted by Anonymous (not verified) 6 years 31 weeks ago.

Thank you for your most generous donation. You are a shining example of what we hope all our graduates become - both a contributor to society and a lover of the arts. May you find continued success for all your days and in all your endeavors.

Comment #3 posted by Music Lover (not verified) 6 years 31 weeks ago.

This is wonderful news! This kind of planning and donor cultivation is what UNT must have to become one the leading universities. We must all support these types of ideas since it will only make your degree more valuable. This just inspired me to support UNT through their alumni association!

Grace Stevens
Public Relations '09
New York, NY

Comment #4 posted by Grace Stevens (not verified) 6 years 31 weeks ago.

Thank you for your donation. When I saw your behavior through e-mail from the president of UNT, I was very impressed. I will pray for you . Thank you again!!!

Comment #5 posted by Panki Kim (not verified) 6 years 31 weeks ago.

Thank you very much for you generous donation to UNT!

Comment #6 posted by Val (not verified) 6 years 31 weeks ago.

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal” - Albert Pine

Thank you for your incredible generosity. Your gift will benefit thousands of students for many years to come.


Torie Thompson
2004 B.A.

Comment #7 posted by Torie Thompson (not verified) 6 years 31 weeks ago.

Kun Charn was an investor in our company Stonemedia... We are very happy to see his gift to UNT... We wish Kun Charn and his family a happy and a great future...


Comment #8 posted by Elbert G. Tindell (not verified) 6 years 31 weeks ago.

Mr. Uswachoke,
On behalf of all of the UNT Alumni through out the world, let me just say:


Scott W. Ball
MBA, UNT 2002

Comment #9 posted by Scott W. Ball (not verified) 6 years 31 weeks ago.

Thank you so much Mr Charn Uswachoke. You are one of many reasons I appreciate the need to give back to the Society/Culture/University/or Institution as a whole. Thank you for the generosity. You are truly a leader to be followed.
Proud to be an Alumni of UNT.

Comment #10 posted by Tolu Akisanmi (not verified) 6 years 31 weeks ago.

Dear Khun Charn: Thank you so very much. I hope that your gift will inspire many others. I hope to meet you in Denton or Bangkok someday.

James Pate (UNT Class of 1982)
Satyapon & Partners

Comment #11 posted by James Pate (not verified) 6 years 31 weeks ago.

The endowment from Mr. Charn Uswachoke is great proof that when faculty are good to their students, it yields future funding.

Thank you so much, Mr. Uswachoke! Your bare feet in picture #1 gave me a great laugh!

Best wishes,

Donna E. Ledgerwood, Ph.D., SPHR
Department of Management
College of Business

Comment #12 posted by Anonymous (not verified) 6 years 31 weeks ago.

Thank you for your generosity, Mr. Uswachoke! Go UNT jazz!

Comment #13 posted by Ramsey (not verified) 6 years 31 weeks ago.

This is amazing!!

Comment #14 posted by Anonymous (not verified) 6 years 31 weeks ago.

Thank-You very much!

Comment #15 posted by nme00108 (not verified) 6 years 31 weeks ago.

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