Aaron Bonds

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Aaron Bonds, Corpus Christi :: former Mean Green linebacker, was inducted into the Alice Coyote Athletic Hall of Honor this fall (at left with his wife, Rogenia). He was a member of William Adams High School’s 1967 football team that advanced to the state playoffs, finishing the season with a 10-1 record. Named an All-State linebacker, he also is an individual member of the Hall of Honor. After a long career as a teacher and coach, “Bad News” Bonds, as he was known in his Mean Green days, runs the A&B College Exposure Program, assisting high school student-athletes in all sports in earning college athletic scholarships. He named the business in honor of his children, Ashlea and Brandon, who attended universities on full athletic scholarships. “My business is going great, and I attribute that to North Texas,” he says. “I love helping kids, especially those from small towns, find a way to get a college education. Every student deserves a chance.”