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UNT leads a nation revolution in teaching, learning by Kelley Reese
Winter 2007      


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A University on the Move

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The Next Generation



Visit UNT's Next Generation Course Redesign project web site for a look at the philosophy, background and planning behind UNT's Next Generation courses and the faculty that make them happen.

Play a sample of interactive games

CSI Roanoke
CSI Roanoke engages students in a historical mystery. Rather than being told what happened to the “Lost Colony of Roanoke,” U.S. History I students search the virtual landscape for seven clues. They not only learn about European colonization of America, but also engage in critical thinking since they ultimately decide what happened to the lost colony.

Play the CSI Roanoke game


Greek Tragedy Quiz Show
For the Greek Tragedy Quiz Show,World Literature I students respond to statements about tragedy by choosing whether Aristotle would have given the statement "a thumbs up" or "a thumbs down." The exercise involves interpretation and application. The game, which is a reading-based activity, quizzes students on their grasp of Aristotle’s Poetics. It requires students to apply and interpret concepts rather than simply know what they have read.

Play the Greek Tragedy game

Confucian Path to Enlightenment game
In the Confucian Path to Enlightenment game, Confucius is sitting among his followers. When the followers pose a question, World Literature I students have to choose how they think Confucius would have answered. Each correct answer brings the student closer to “Enlightenment.” This kind of learning give students an opportunity to demonstrate their mastery with little risk. They can play the game again and again with no consequence until they master the material. If students are able to master the game, they are more likely to successfully pass exams, quizzes and other assignments.

Plat the Path to Enlightenment game

Game show-style business quiz
Communicating in Business students use low-stakes mastery quizzes and games to self-assess how well they are mastering material at the conceptual level. This game tests and reinforces how familiar students are with the Communicating in Teams lesson.

Play the Jeopardy-style business quiz show game


Watch videos demonstrating student engagement

The Mitosis Waltz
This video clip shows a Biology 1710 group activity called "The Mitosis Waltz." Mitosis happens when a cell's nucleus divides during four stages: prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. The process usually ends with two new nuclei, each containing a complete copy of the parental chromosomes. The process is also called karyokinesis.


Shakespeare debate
This video clip features English 2210 students discussing the Shakespeare authorship debate -- whether Shakespeare was indeed the author of the famous plays or whether other contemporary figures from the period may be viable candidates for authorship. Students read a set of current articles about the authorship controversy to prepare for a small-group class debate. They are broken into groups, and the groups are given a particular theory of authorship to defend and support. Finally, students form their own conclusions based on the evidence and arguments presented.


Bach debate
In this video clip, Music Appreciation 2040 students debate a topic built on the content of an online lesson about the music of baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Today, many people are unaware that Bach was considered somewhat old-fashioned during the last years of his life. While other composers were beginning to explore a new, melodically driven classical style, Bach’s music was seen by some as being overly complicated.


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