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Everyone loves a parade - Denton business owners, families have fun celebrating Homecoming 2006 by Nancy Kolsti
Winter 2006      


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Parade photos

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Everyone Loves a Parade

Melodic Military Eagles

A Career Beyond Measure

'Life is a Gift'



Homecoming 2006

Fire truck in parade

Dog wearing shirt with University of North Texas colors

North Texas Exes parade float

Student from Maple Hall in the parade

photos by Li Fan



Cheerleaders in the parade

Parade float with a tropical theme

Down the corridor of years parade float featuring various historical University of North Texas emblems

Parade float, two female students smiling

Eagle mascot

Student on a parade float

Cowboy on horseback and a stage coach with riders being lead by a team of four horses

Students at the parade

Female student with dog. The dog is wearing a double stranded green beaded collar.

Three male students gesturing with eagle talons

Man with bright orange wig and matching shirt

photos by Scott Bauer



Group of people watches the University of North Texas marching band in the parade

Family watching the parade. Young boy wearing a Mean Green footbal jersey with the number 7

Family waves

Mother and baby both dress in green T shirts

photos by Angilee Wilkerson



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