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On the Border by Brandon Evans
Winter 2005      


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Fellow Arnoldo Becho

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An Entertaining Career

Police Studies

On the Border


Arnold BechoFellow Arnoldo Becho

Arnoldo Becho, a fellow in UNT's Rio Grande Initiative, first worked in a library while earning his psychology degree at Baylor University. With a wife and new baby to support, he returned to his hometown of McAllen and joined the South Texas Community College Library there in April 2004.

He began working on his master's degree in library science through the Rio Grande Initiative last January. Now halfway through the program, he says the online classes have helped him in his work as a reference and circulation specialist managing about 20 part-time employees. And he says his knowledge of Spanish and the border culture also comes in handy when assisting library patrons.

"Providing access for all individuals is one of the most important principles of librarians," he says. "I'm really happy to be able to provide access to the library's resources for people of my culture."



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