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The Singer’s Ego: Finding Balance Between Music and Life by Lynn Eustis, associate professor of music (GIA Publications Inc.).

Drawing from her experiences as a professional singer and voice teacher, Eustis explores psychological and practical issues that singers face, such as vocal health, self-doubt, criticism and diva stereotypes. Book sections cover “The Inner World” of emotional and personal issues involved with singing and “The Outer World” of public perception and performance. Eustis also includes advice for working with beginning singers and working with conductors.


Warriors and Scholars book coverWarriors and Scholars: A Modern War Reader, edited by Peter B. Lane, visiting lecturer in history, and Ronald E. Marcello, professor of history, with a foreword by Alfred F. Hurley, professor of history and Chancellor and President Emeritus (UNT Press).

Several papers presented by military historians and veterans at UNT’s annual Military History Seminar are organized chronologically since World War II, with footnotes providing context and comments for student readers. Topics include the decision to use the atomic bomb, Lyndon Baines Johnson as commander-in-chief, a comparison of the U.S. war and occupation in Iraq with the 1899-1902 war in the Philippines, the experiences of a POW in Vietnam and Cold War duty in Moscow.


Splendor in the Short Grass book coverSplendor in the Short Grass: The Grover Lewis Reader, edited by Jan Reid and W.K. Stratton (University of Texas Press). This anthology of the writings of the late Grover Lewis (’58), who was known as one of the defining voices of the “new journalism” of the 1960s and 1970s, includes articles he wrote for Rolling Stone, Village Voice, Playboy and New West. Also included are poems, excerpts from an unfinished novel and memoir, and a piece he wrote on jazzman Charlie Parker for Avesta, North Texas’ literary journal. Lewis earned his bachelor’s degree in English at North Texas and taught philosophy courses while doing graduate work. Subjects of his counterculture essays, written in an “on-location” style, include the filming of The Last Picture Show (in which he had a small role), the Allman Brothers on tour, the Rolling Stones at Altamont, director Sam Peckinpah, actor Robert Mitchum and singers Woody Guthrie and Lightnin’ Hopkins.


Senior Moments book coverSenior Moments: A Book for Seniors and Those Who Love Them by Jacqueline D. ‘Jackie’ Byrd (’68) of Bowie, Md. (Byrd and Byrd LLC). This collection of Byrd’s newspaper columns for the Bowie Blade-News is divided into topics of interest to seniors and their families, including caregiving, health care and housing. Byrd, an attorney specializing in elder law, worked for 25 years for the U.S. House of Representatives and went to law school at age 50. In this collection, she draws upon her own experiences with her mother and lessons learned in her law practice.


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