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How our green got mean by Rufus Coleman
Fall 2004      

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How Our Green Got Mean

Voices of the Mean Green

An American Original

Academic vision


The Rev. Victor Williams ('68), football and track, 1966-68:

Eagles like to shoo-bop

Vic Williams: One thing about North Texas, all the guys sang. We used to sing a little song. "All Eagles like to shoo bop, sha doo-be-doo-be-doo." We made up a song.

North Texan: Do you want to sing that for me?

Williams: No, I don't want to sing that song (laughing). I need my guys, if I sing that song, see, I need the whole team. We would fly and we would sing and just cut up and have a lot of fun. But we had a lot of, a lot of support like I say from people that were around the athletes. They weren't directly involved with the program, but we had good supporters. They'd go with us on trips and things like that, so that would also draw us away from just playing sports and into singing or just being able to think about other things, do other things. So we had a broad perspective about school life. We sang and did everything.

"They checked on your grades"

Williams: One of the things about the coaches at North Texas, you had to report in, they checked on your grades. You had to go to class, they checked on it, they knew what you were doing constantly. And it was like every week, you knew where everybody was. You knew what was going on with the students. And when a student might not be doing so well, somebody would help. Like when I said Chuck Beatty taught kinesiology, I mean there was a review kind of thing. We had a built-in process. And I don't know of any school that naturally did that, but it was because of the camaraderie, the closeness, and we pulled for each other. Girls who were coming in from high school, you know, we would help everybody get oriented and take their bags to the room and find out who the new girls on campus were. We'd watch after them. We'd make sure that they had good help too. It was a close kind of a situation.


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