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How our green got mean by Rufus Coleman
Fall 2004      

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How Our Green Got Mean

Voices of the Mean Green

An American Original

Academic vision


Glen Holloway, football, 1966-69:

Practicing against Joe and Cedric

Glen Holloway: Playing against people like Joe just made me better. Cedrick, he was quick, fast, you know, had the good hands, and working with them just made me a better player. Joe was exceptional and the fact that you had to pull and trap and you had to pass block, he really got me ready. I knew that if I would practice against him — and they virtually knew the plays we were going to run most of the time — if you could get a jump on him and still hold him out, you were way ahead of the game. And that's how I prepared myself. Even though it was tough in practices when we did that, he got me ready for the games.

40-year friendships

Glen Holloway: The friendships that we developed at North Texas are still lasting. We have a bond there. Basketball players — Willie Davis, he was a basketball player there at North Texas. Joe and Chuck Beatty and Cedrick Hardman, and Ron Shanklin who was a freshman with me has passed on. We always remained good friends. It's been 35 to 40 years in some cases, and that's unique. I've talked to and visited with people, with other players who went to Michigan and USC and Notre Dame, and they don't have that kind of camaraderie. It doesn't exist with players or teammates that they've been around for 30 years. They don't have that. We have a unique situation and we know we're different in that way. And people feed off of that. It's a good feeling. Everybody around us today is going to have a good time because we're gonna have a good time. You know, it's going to be competitive all the time, but it's just a good feeling to have friends, you know. They say you can go through life and not have a handful of good friends, but I'm fortunate I feel like I have two or three handsful of good friends. And they all centered around meeting them at North Texas.

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