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Down the Corridor


    Down the Corridor  

75 years ago
The Eagles beat the Decatur Baptist Indians, 79-0, in the first football game of the season. ... North Texas hosted a "Stag Party," inviting male faculty to meet the male students of the college. … Thirty members of the college attended the West Texas Chamber of Commerce convention in El Paso. … A leased telephone and large speakers were installed in the auditorium so that students could hear a live play-by-play of the football game against Trinity College in Waxahachie. Admission was 10 cents. … Mrs. Grabbe of the Sanitorium warned students of the dangers of mashing pimples, which could cause deadly infections. She asked students to come to her for treatment.

50 years ago
The local Ford dealership, Ben Ivey Motors, donated a '54 model for the training of students in North Texas' driver's education class. … The grading of ground began on the Avenue B-Prairie intersection for the new Administration Building. … The 3-D film House of Wax, followed by a 3-D Three Stooges short, was shown as the Midnight Film for 50 cents. Female students living on campus were required to obtain a 1 a.m. permit from Dean Imogene Bentley to stay past curfew. … To see the college production of Hamlet, 1,600 students lined the streets from the Campus Theater, halting downtown traffic. … The President's Cabinet recommended a Share-a-Ride plan for helping students from nearby communities get home for the holidays.

25 years ago
Renovations were begun to make Marquis Hall ready to house the personnel and purchasing offices. It was previously remodeled in 1969 after being built to serve as the main campus dorm in 1936. … Campus radio station KNTU celebrated its 10th anniversary. First-day broadcasts had included President Nixon's live speech on Vietnam policy and a playing of Orson Wells' radio version of War of the Worlds. … Cable television came to Denton … Francis Stroup ('29), composer of the North Texas fight song, was honored at halftime of the Homecoming football game. … Frank E. Vandiver was announced as the new president of North Texas and the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. … Members of fraternities, sororities and music school groups caroled around Denton, collecting 6,000 cans of food to distribute to needy families.

10 years ago
William Schiff, Auschwitz survivor freed by Oscar Schindler, lectured as part of "The Holocaust Series," which began with a screening of Steven Spielberg's movie Schindler's List. … North Texas offered a free computing class to introduce students to the Internet, including explanations of the World Wide Web, Gopher, Internet News and other services. … As part of an ABC-TV college promotion, two stars of the soap opera General Hospital, Sean Kanan and Steve Burton (A.J. and Jason Quartermaine), escorted a North Texas student contest winner to the Homecoming football game. … The football program accepted an invitation to join the Big West Conference (effective in 1996). The team won its first Southland Conference Championship in football and head coach Matt Simon was named Southland Conference Coach of the Year.





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