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Behind the Scenes


What's Been Happening



With the Mean Green's last Sun Belt Conference win, the football team had the longest conference winning streak in the nation with 18 games.

Our photographer Angilee Wilkerson followed the team from the dining hall to the locker room to the gridiron to find out what the players do to prepare mentally and physically for a game.



Linebacker Chris Hurd prepares to eat his pre-game dinner at West Hall.



In the training room at the UNT athletic complex, players use foam wrap and tape on their wrists and ankles to help prevent injury.



Brandon Kennedy, defensive lineman, stretches with the help of student trainer Roy Clements.



In the Fouts Field locker room, Brandon Kennedy looks on as Dick Miller, assistant equipment manager, pumps air into defensive lineman Michael Pruitt's helmet. The air gives the player more cushion and a snug fit.



From left, offensive linemen Damian Nobles, Nick Zuniga and Lonnie Chambers get mentally prepared for the game.



Tight end Rusty Beck and wide receiver Joel Nwigwe relax before heading to the playing field.



Defensive end Grady Davis follows the team out of the locker room.



Wide receiver Pierce Reid, left, defensive lineman Tommy Harrison and other players enter the gridiron at Fouts Field.



On the sidelines, defensive lineman Luke Conder, center, talks with linebacker Cody Spencer and defensive lineman Evan Cardwell.



After the game, Brandon Kennedy claims victory.




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