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photo of  Barker, McMillan, Naylor and Adcock
North Texas Exes News

Among those who went on the North Texas Exes trip to New York City in October were, from left, Thomas Barker (’94 Ph.D.), Laquita McMillan (’61), Ben Naylor (’59) and Carol Adcock (’60,’70 M.Ed.). The group attended the Carnegie Hall premiere of Symphony No. 1: Ballet for Orchestra, written by Cindy McTee, UNT Regents Professor of music.




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photo of U N T cheerleaders

Were you a North Texas cheerleader?

For our upcoming story on cheerleading, wed like to know your fondest memories about being a North Texas cheerleader.

If you were a member of a North Texas cheerleading squad and would like to contribute to the story, click here.


illustration of fish Lasting Memory  

At one time there was on campus a building known as the Power House (today’s Power Plant). On the north end was a brick smoke stack with an incinerator and hinged iron door at its base. One fall day some of the “Greenies” (student workers) were gathering up dead, damp leaves and depositing them in the fire chamber. Smoke and steam were streaming from the pile until a small, inquisitive finger of flame ventured out and resulted in a super WHUMP in the chamber. A five-foot section of brick wall was blown from the fire box 150 feet across campus and landed in the fishpond. It was said that half the goldfish turned white from fright. I personally have seen white goldfish in the pond, and I believe.

Ernest Caddell (’40), Petrolia


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