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eagle tale


Favorite souvenirs: Birds, beanies and books


Photo by Thomas Schall

I was a speech major at North Texas. We were encouraged to purchase a tie to support KOED, the North Texas radio station. I have tossed a lot of ties since then but couldn’t part with this one. Some of my fondest memories include watching Billy Maxwell (1951 National Amateur Golf Champion), Joe Conrad and Don January playing on the North Texas course. North Texas won the NCAA Golf Championship three years in a row, something not accomplished since. — Luther B. McDaniel (’53), Kerrville

I still wear daily my original North Texas graduation ring from 1964. I wonder how many alums still wear or even have their rings from that far back. My ring is in its original form except for the fact that Balfour replaced the original green stone about 10 or 12 years ago because it was slighly chipped. They replaced it for free plus shipping. — Robert L. Thornton (’64, ’66 M.S.), Granbury

NT ringI am so thankful for the education I received at North Texas. The College of Business was the best and, of course, the accounting department was the greatest. When I read about the Flying Worm stapler, I immediately thought of my North Texas ring. At the time and even today, I think the Mean Green Eagle that I chose to be in the stone was the essence of being a student at North Texas. Surely, everyone can see the smart, strong, intelligent, open minded, cool, energetic, hip (just to name a few) qualities he has. — Rick Pokluda (’79), Fort Worth

Eagle souvenirI bought this Eagle souvenir (right) at Voertman’s about 1959, during my North Texas days. It’s been in my home ever since. — Robert L. “Bob” Johnston (’63, ’65 M.Ed.), Dallas

NTSU bobblehead eagleI had to smile when I saw the photo of the Flying Worm stapler. It reminded me of my favorite North Texas souvenir . the Eagle bobble-head. During my first years at North Texas (1970-73), I somehow got possession of this and have kept it for more than 35 years. It “nests” in my office at Cottonwood Creek Elementary, Coppell ISD, to remind me of the fun years I had while attending North Texas and how grateful I am for the wonderful education I received. It has afforded me an amazing career in public school education since my first graduation in 1973. — Andra Jones Penny (’73, ’76 M.Ed., ’96 Ph.D.), Denton

NT beanie capI still have my 1960 freshman beanie cap made out of hot material, I remember, which many bought and wore about two days until they became shy of being known as a freshman newbie. It won me first place at a party I attended for the ugliest hat a few years ago, given by my group of police volunteers. It won me first prize hands down, no real competition at all. Nobody else there in attendance had ever seen one of these. — John F. Clouse Jr. (’64), Azle

My souvenir of North Texas is my freshman beanie with the ’58 on it (I actually graduated in ’57). We “underlings” were expected to wear our beanies, and we did so without questioning whether it was “politically correct” or not. It was fun! — Peggy Jones Naumann (’57), Seguin

NT ringThis collegiate crest souvenir is circa mid-1970s. — Mark Coomes (’88, ’93), Denton

I still have and frequently wear a short-sleeve sweatshirt I bought in 1970 when I began graduate studies. It is green-and-white striped with “North Texas State” on the front. I’ve worn it countless places, but its best use was providing an extra layer of clothing under my Army uniform during winter bivouacs. Now, it makes a great piece of seasonal transition clothing here in the Northwest. — Sherilyn Shaw Jacobson (’72 M.S.), Bridgeport, Wash.

UNT pilow, pennant and T-shirtI was at North Texas back in the late 1970s when we had the beloved Flying Worm as our logo. I always enjoyed being part of a place that wasn’t so insecure it couldn’t handle a logo with such a nickname. My picture shows my Mean Green mug with the 1979 football schedule on back and three examples of my aunt’s handiwork. She and my grandmother were living in McKinney while I was at UNT. On the left is the pillow she needlepointed for me. On the right is a kid-sized T-shirt she stuffed and turned into a pillow. In the center is my pennant pillow. I still have them on the sofa in my music studio. — Karen Janes (’80), Issaquah,Wash.

I have and still use a Harbrace College Handbook, fourth edition. It is covered in a North Texas State University book cover and has traveled with me to Europe and back several times (my husband was in the U.S. Air Force, and I taught oversees). — Ann Chapel Rogers (’65), Flower Mound



Editor's note:

In the spring issue, Rick Kelsey (’78), proud owner of a stylish lime green Flying Worm stapler, wondered if other alumni have favorite souvenirs from their North Texas days. It turns out they do. Read here about some of their treasures and don’t forget to let us know about your favorite item
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