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Alumni denoted by an asterisk (*) are members of the North Texas Exes

Natalie Barraga, Austin, says in reading Class Notes, she “wondered about those of us who are surviving into our 90s.” She graduated with a degree in home economics and came back as a graduate assistant in 1941 to study child development. After teaching several years, she went to the University of Texas for a master’s in special education and was asked to go to Peabody College to finish her doctorate and return to UT as a professor. After retirement in 1984, she spent 15 years teaching in 23 countries, training teachers in special education. She is now a Professor Emerita and says she has enjoyed leaving a legacy of students who are leaders throughout the world, many who keep in touch. “I keep busy with reading, social activities and church,” she says, “and rejoice in my exciting and fulfilling life with memories to last me another 90-plus years.”


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